Bring Back the Fat 2019 Seminar [Video]


Fed up with diets that don’t work? Questions about cholesterol? Confused about statins? This seminar has it all…

Why speaking truth to power?

After it was established that smoking caused lung cancer, it took another 50 years to change public policy. This was largely due to tobacco companies planting doubt, confusing the public and buying the loyalty of scientists. And big food companies are now doing the same. The science is now clear: saturated fat is not the demon it was made out to be (the real culprits are sugar and excess carbohydrate), but food corporations are confusing the public by playing dirty.

What if people could achieve extraordinary weight loss of 100 kg or more by eating a diet including eggs, butter and bacon, without counting a single calorie? And then keep it off for life? What if type II diabetes could be reversed? What if heart disease risk could be slashed by eating more fat, not less?

Extraordinary and life-changing results like this are being experienced every single day by people following keto and low-carb, healthy-fat diets, but industry is going to extraordinary lengths to keep this information from the public. Health professionals speaking out about these life-changing benefits are actively being targeted.



Dr Aseem Malhotra
One of the most well-known and influential cardiologists internationally, who has been instrumental in the campaign against excess sugar consumption and speaking out about the myths surrounding dietary fat consumption. International bestselling author of the Pioppi diet.

Christine Cronau
Keto Nutritionist and weight loss specialist, with a Master’s in Public Health Nutrition, and bestselling Author of Bring Back the FatThe Fat Revolution, and The Fat Revolution Cookbook. Christine’s brand new book Bring Back the Fat Cookbook—Easy Keto in 30 Minutes or Less will be launched at the event.

Dr Gary Fettke
Tasmanian Orthopaedic surgeon with a longstanding interest in the preventative aspects of health outcome and particularly before surgery. He is, and always has been, a ‘loud’ advocate for public health and prevention. As a cancer survivor, he saw the benefits of reducing sugar and processed carbohydrates in his own health, and started to share the information, in broad principles, with his patients. His open nutritional advice on healthy eating came under investigation by AHPRA after anonymous vexatious notifications by dietitians and he was effectively silenced, unable to speak to his patients or the public about nutrition. Very recently, AHPRA dropped all charges against Dr Fettke and apologised for the ‘errors made in dealing with the notification.’

Dr Maryanne Demasi (MC)
Medical scientist and award-winning investigative reporter, well-known for her expose into Statins on ABC Catalyst, winning numerous prizes for her work including the National Press Club of Australia in health journalism


  • Dr Maryanne Demasi—Master of Ceremonies
  • Dr Gary Fettke—The end of type II diabetes (Launceston only)
  • Christine Cronau—”Christine, you saved my life”— Why I won’t stop speaking…And, all things keto and weight loss.
  • Dr Aseem Malhotra—Saturated fat, heart disease and statins: The greatest mistake in modern medical history?

Now available on video!

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