Refund Policy

Please ensure the 12 week program is right for you. No refund/cancellation prior to completion. Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances.

This program has been developed with a great deal of care and is evidence-based; if followed 100%, it will work for almost everyone. Result time varies, depending on health history, but many participants do several rounds until they reach their goals. For example, Lee lost 13 kg during the 12 week time period, but continued on the program for 12 months and eventually lost 112 kg. 

The program does, however, require a great deal of commitment. If you don’t feel ready to fully commit, then we recommend waiting until you do feel ready. If you are ready to commit, there will be challenges; however, we are here to help you through any challenges that come up. Questions can be asked in the support group, and you can also ask Christine directly via email.

Because you will have lifetime access to the program, refund requests cannot be considered prior to full completion of the program (extenuating circumstances may be considered, such as a job loss or death in the family). Unforeseen circumstances may arise in your life that may take your attention away from your health and weight loss; however, the program will always be available to you, and can be completed any time in the future.

If the program isn’t quite what you expected, we urge you to put your reservations aside and complete the work for 12 weeks, including voicing your reservations to Christine so she can work through them with you.

If you complete the program fully, and can demonstrate that you followed the protocol 100%, refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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