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If you would like to ask Christine a question, you can do so as a member or as part of the 12 week program.

Want to see Christine personally?

If you are in Brisbane, you can see Christine at her clinic at St Andrew’s Hospital, Wickham Tce. Book here.

If you are not in Brisbane, Christine also does  email consultations (either a general consultation or full blood work). Helpful for investigating weight loss issues or health challenges, or for coaching (if necessary) or just fine tuning.

To enquire about a consultation with Christine, complete the contact form on this page and select the checkbox ‘I want to see a Nutritionist.’

Address: Brisbane, Australia 4000


Phone: Randall on 0450 060 635

Send your success stories

If you would like to be featured in one of Christine’s upcoming books, she would love to hear from you.

After following Christine’s advice, or similar advice (paleo diets, LCHF, etc) have you:

  • lost weight
  • improved an illness
  • improved your cholesterol profile
  • reversed from pre-diabetes or diabetes symptoms
  • improved your acne
  • improved your dry skin
  • noticed improvements in your appearance (skin, nails, hair)
  • improved general fatigue or chronic fatigue
  • improved fibromyalgia


  • overcome fertility issues
  • regulated your hormones
  • got your sex drive back
  • noticed improvements in your children, both mentally and physically
  • noticed improvements in your children’s behaviour
  • had any other improvements

For any weight loss stories, before shots are great, but they aren’t necessary.

If you are just starting out, consider taking some before shots, and jotting down notes about your progress. You will likely become the next success story!


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