One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching now available

Rare opportunity to have one-on-one coaching from Christine herself. Spots are limited.

Christine specialises in weight loss and metabolic health; coaching is perfect for anyone wanting to lose weight, and/or improve their metabolic health, including heart health (blood sugar, insulin, cholesterol).

The coaching package includes:

  • 12-week online weight loss program (details below)
  • 12 weekly one-on-one consults with Christine via zoom.
  • Email support from Christine.
  • Full blood tests at the the start and finish.
  • Full blood analysis at the start and finish.

The true key to weight loss is healing, and the best way to get a true picture of what needs healing is through blood tests. Full blood tests include not only those necessary for weight loss (insulin, glucose and thyroid), but those that may impact health and therefore, weight loss, such as cholesterol profile, liver markers, full blood count, inflammation markers, iron studies, vitamin D, cortisol and more.

Our bloods tell an important story, and full blood tests are by far the best way to identify underlying issues that could be impacting health and weight loss.

Blood analysis from a metabolic specialist such as Christine is also invaluable because it is much more than looking at the ‘normal’ reference ranges listed on the test result. You may have been told in the past your results were normal, but that simply means you fit within the norm for a particular population, the norm has nothing to do with optimal health. While the norm was previously a fairly good indicator of health, with population health rapidly declining, using the norm as a health benchmark is often no longer appropriate.

Once blood tests have been analysed, Christine can then help address any underlying issues that are affecting health and/or weight loss.

Coaching also provides the benefit of regular contact with Christine, which could help with motivation, staying on track, and emotional support.

When it comes to sustainable and long-term weight loss and health management, knowledge is power, and the knowledge and confidence gained from coaching could be life-changing.

Get the 12-week coaching package

The program and coaching are successful because the focus is on healing the body. Weight loss then becomes a very welcome bonus.

Payment plans available. Enquire here.

Why the 12-Week Program?

As part of your coaching, you will also be completing the online 12-week program.

Why the program?

On average, over 90% of diets and weight loss programs fail! Either there is no weight loss, or the extra weight comes back, usually plus interest.

On average, around 50% of women (in particular) who try keto or LCHF (low carb, high fat) fail to lose weight. And of those who are successful, a percentage will stall at some point. Not because keto or LCHF doesn’t work (it absolutely does), but usually because they don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle. This program has those missing pieces.

Here are just a few examples of what can hold people back.

Firstly, to achieve sustainable, long-term weight loss, we need to burn fat for energy. Many people who start keto or LCHF never drop into a true fat burning state. This program is designed to not only achieve fat burning, but to set you up as a fat burner for life.

Secondly, the biggest hurdle is definitely insulin. Most people are now insulin resistant, and this is simply because most of us have spent years on a carbohydrate-rich diet. 


We don’t have to be diabetic or pre-diabetic to be insulin resistant. In fact, most of the patients we see in clinic have raised insulin.

Weight loss is almost impossible while insulin is still up. Insulin is our fat storage hormone! While LCHF will often improve insulin, unless it is done in a very specific way, it may not be enough to normalise insulin. We have had many patients who have come to us because they have been keto or LCHF long term, even one to two years, and never lost weight. Every single one still had elevated insulin. This is the only program that is designed specifically to bring serum insulin back into normal range.

The third most common reason people fail to lose weight is because of starvation stress. After years of dieting, our thyroid slows, our metabolism slows, and we start protecting our fat! It’s a survival strategy. And what happens if we go back to normal eating when in this state? It is likely we won’t lose or we could even gain temporarily (starvation stress is what makes us gain extra after dieting). Healing starvation stress is essential for long-term, sustainable weight loss and this program is designed to do just that.

This program is successful because the focus is on healing the body. Weight loss then becomes a very welcome bonus.

What do you get?


Everything you need for your weight loss journey

Shopping lists. Weekly meal plans. Detailed weight loss plan and instructions. Weight loss progress trackers.

Community group

Support, comfort, advice, encouragement and motivation for everyone doing the program.

Access to Christine Cronau

Weekly motivational videos from Christine. Weekly emails with detailed instructions and what to expect each week; designed to be exactly what you would receive in a weekly consult with Christine. Direct email support from Christine herself!


70 kg (154 lb) lost in just over 12 months

“Easiest ‘diet’ I’ve ever followed…65 kg (143 lb) down in 12 months (a few more to go). Healthier and happier!” Alexis’s husband did the program with her and also lost 33 kg (73 lb).

Update: Alexis has now lost a total of 70 kg (154 lb).


Same shirt 3 months later—16 kg (34lb) lost

I fully expected to gain weight on LCHF (low carb, high fat), especially eating bacon, steak, fish, eggs, and all sorts of great foods, but I didn’t put on as much as 100 g!”

Instead, Ashley lost 16kg (34 lb) and 19 cm from his waist measurement!


112 kg lost in just over 12 months

“I was a sceptic once because of continued failure on diets. But I told my wife I would commit to this for a year and see how it went. It’s for life now.”

Lee’s lost a total of 112 kg (246 lb) in just over 12 months!! And, his wife Joanne had a beautiful baby boy and lost 33 kg (73 lb)!


27 kg (59 lb) lost in 6 months

“I started on 2 January and strangely I hit my goal of 27 kgs lost on 2 July — so exactly 6 months! I’m going to keep going because another few kgs would be nice and this is just how I eat now! I do have the occasional glass of wine now though and sometimes make some keto cheese scones for a weekend treat. I really don’t think I’d have got off the ground with this way of eating without the programme – so thanks to Christine Cronau and everyone in the group!”


Almost 18 kg (39 lb) lost in 16 weeks

“I started the program on the 4th February at 97 kg. This was the photo that triggered my “enough is enough”. Today I finally got down to 79.5 kg. I’ve only got another 5 to get to goal. The program and keto works. Just have faith in it, track your macros and ensure you eat enough fat.”

What people are saying about the program

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose weight during the 12 weeks?

Most people do lose weight during the program, but it is important to understand that sustainable weight loss can take a little time. Most of us want a quick fix, but have spent 10, 20, or even 30 years dieting. This causes damage. It puts our body into a state of starvation stress. Our thyroid has to slow down, our metabolism has to slow down, and we start protecting our fat stores, and it can take time to heal this state of starvation stress. Just as an example, the cycle of a red blood cell is 16 weeks. The truly remarkable thing is, however, is that the body has an amazing ability to heal, and we actually do it quite quickly considering what has happened to most of us previously.

The first 12 weeks are where the majority of changes take place in the body; blood markers improve, metabolism improves, hormones rebalance, and more. It is best not to focus on weight loss for the first four weeks while the body becomes fat adapted. Then, a lot of magic happens for many people during the remainder of the program, but often, the most magic happens after the program. This is a change for life.

Can I do it as a vegan or vegetarian?
The program is perfect if you are vegetarian as long as you are happy to eat enough eggs to get good, quality protein. Adequate complete protein is a must for success. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this particular program as a vegan, so if you are unable to eat eggs, it will not be the right program for you.
Can I do the program without dairy?
Absolutely, the program works just as well if dairy is not included.
Can I do the program with my family?
Yes, absolutely, in fact, the program works best if the family is open to participating with you. Remember that the focus is on health, and weight loss is a bonus; the foods are healthy for the whole family.
Can I do the program if I am breastfeeding?
The program focuses on good health. The food on the program is far more nutrient dense than a regular Western style diet, which means the nutrition is not only adequate for feeding babies, but superior.
Can I participate if I am overseas?
Yes, everything you need is online. And when Christine talks about sourcing produce etc, she mentions options for those who are overseas also.
How long will I have access to the program?
Always. Once you start your program, you will have access to all the documents you need to either save or print. The rest of the program is sent to you weekly on the email, so you will be able to go back through the program at a later date, or if something unforeseen happens, you can stop your program and then resume when you can. You will also remain part of the group forum after your program is finished.
What is your refund policy?

Refund requests are considered once the program is completed in full. No refund or cancellations prior to completion (exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances). To read the full refund policy, click here.

Get the 12-week coaching package

The coaching and program are successful because the focus is on healing the body. Weight loss then becomes a very welcome bonus.


Payment plans available. Enquire here.

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