Bring Back the Fat

Bring Back the Fat is a complete weight loss manual, including:

  • Why we got fat, and why it wasn’t our fault
  • What to do about it
  • Every thing you need to know about weight loss, including a step by step guide
  • Meal plans and shopping list
  • How to easily maintain that weight loss for life
  • Biggest mistakes that can prevent weight loss
  • And incredibly inspiring weight loss stories and transformations
  • References are included for hundreds of relevant studies.

The Fat Revolution

The Fat Revolution includes the following:

  • Why the vilification of fat was the biggest health blunder in history
  • The story behind how we came to such a mistaken consensus about fat and health
  • How the ‘experts’ keep a dead hypothesis alive
  • Why cholesterol is essential for health
  • What to look for in cholesterol results, and why cholesterol becomes elevated—it is not the fat
  • The real cause of heart disease
  • Why we are ageing faster
  • Why butter and coconut oil are super foods
  • How you can have your cake and eat it—delicious alternatives to sugar
  • Healthy children, and transitioning them to healthier eating
  • What makes us fat
  • Easy weight loss
  • Sample weekly menu
  • Why exercise is unnecessary for weight loss
  • Eleven other diet and exercise myths

References are included for hundreds of relevant studies.

Easy Keto Cookbook

Bring Back the Fat is all about the weight loss. Bring Back the Fat Cookbook is all about the food!

Easy, delicious keto meals and desserts that can be prepared in less time than it takes to order out! This cookbook is strict keto—none of the almond meal and other things that often hold people back. But the recipes are so indulgent, you would never associate any of them with the word “strict.”

Fat Revolution Cookbook

Find out what the diet industry doesn’t want you to know.

The Fat Revolution Cookbook includes:

  • Ground-breaking information exposing common food myths
  • Interesting facts, quotes, and stories throughout
  • Over 80 recipes, each illustrated in full colour
  • Healthy meals that are quick and easy to prepare
  • Snack and lunch ideas, including French fries and corn chips
  • Delicious sugar-free desserts, including chocolate! Real chocolate!
  • All recipes are gluten free, sugar free, and guilt free.


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  • The Fat Revolution [eBook]
  • Fat Revolution Cookbook [eBook]


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