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  • Bring Back the Fat
  • Easy Keto Cookbook
  • The Fat Revolution
  • Fat Revolution Cookbook

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Bring Back the Fat

Clearance sale! We are moving and clearing all stock! 30% off single books or 60% off the 4-book bundle!! This time, it’s all about weight loss…and how to become a fat burning machine! We’ve been told a low-fat, whole-grain based diet would keep us slim and healthy. Dieting, deprivation and hunger have become the norm, especially for women. Most women start dieting around age 14, and spend a life-time eating tasteless, boring food, being listless and tired, feeling flat and cranky, and missing out on the good things in life—all in the name of the seemingly unattainable perfect weight. The truth is, we were told wrong! Dieting makes us fat! The good news is there is a secret to easy, sustainable weight loss and it is in this book! Forget the hunger, the shakes, egg white omelettes, counting calories, and slaving away in the gym for hours on end…Turn your body into a fat burning machine by doing the opposite! You’ll be left wondering why in the world you didn’t know this earlier. And telling all your friends why they need to…bring back the fat! Companion book: Easy Keto in 30 Minutes or Less

Easy Keto Cookbook

Clearance sale! We are moving and clearing all stock! 30% off single books or 60% off the 4-book bundle!! Bring Back the Fat is all about the weight loss. Bring Back the Fat Cookbook is all about the food! Easy, delicious keto meals and desserts that can be prepared in less time than it takes to order out! This cookbook is strict keto—none of the almond meal and other things that often hold people back. But the recipes are so indulgent, you would never associate any of them with the word “strict.” A huge variety of tasty dishes means that they can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. Easy meals on the go, such as breakfast muffins and bacon and eggs to go as well as tasty sit-down breakfasts. Simple and tasty lunches like BLT wraps, ‘Not’ potato salad, ham and slaw bowl, and a delicious variety of main meals, egg roll bowl, san choi bow, American bacon and cheeseburger (that you can pick up and eat like an actual burger), chicken jalfrezi, quick fajitas, spaghetti bolognese (with bacon), fried rice with egg ‘noodles’ and much more. And, the desserts! Buttermilk panna cotta, ice cream, pumpkin pie pots, lemon mousse cups and more! Companion book: Bring Back the Fat

The Fat Revolution

Clearance sale! We are moving and clearing all stock! 30% off single books or 60% off the 4-book bundle!! A mind-altering, myth-shattering exposé about diet and exercise myths. Nutrition expert and health activist Christine Cronau tells us why reducing dietary fat actually makes us fat, sick and even depressed! Discover the story behind the biggest scam of the 21st century. The Fat Revolution is a fascinating and controversial disclosure, debunking ‘conventional wisdom’ about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and diet. This book is an invaluable look into what makes us fat and the real cause of heart disease. Learn why fat can’t make you fat, exercise is unnecessary for weight-loss, saturated fat is NOT the demon it has been portrayed to be, and why, in fact, low-fat diets are fattening. “Christine has done her research well and presents undeniable evidence that debunks the fat myth and provides a pathway to robust health and wellbeing.” Dr Karen Coates, M.D. and Best-selling Author Companion book: The Fat Revolution Cookbook

Fat Revolution Cookbook

Clearance sale! We are moving and clearing all stock! 30% off single books or 60% off the 4-book bundle!! The Fat Revolution Cookbook is the perfect companion for The Fat Revolution. Christine turns conventional ‘wisdom’ upside down, with her fascinating facts. Find out what does make us fat and the simple solution. Never before have we had permission to indulge in our favourite foods—without adding to our waistline. A truly remarkable cookbook, which readers describe as intriguing, inspiring, refreshing and life-changing. Over 80 recipes, all illustrated in full colour. Sugar free, gluten free, and guilt free! Finally! We can say goodbye to the low-fat era, and enjoy indulgent full-fat recipes. Have your cake and eat it! And it’s easy; most recipes can be prepared in 10 or 20 minutes. Note: This is a family cookbook and is low-carb, high fat (LCHF). It is good for anyone who does not need to be keto, who has been keto for a while and is returning to LCHF, or for anyone who wants to make treats for their family such as muffins, birthday cakes etc. If you want a keto cookbook, try the Easy Keto Cookbook. Companion book: The Fat Revolution

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“Christine has done it again! Her new book Bring back the fat cements her as a leader in the food revolution sweeping the world.” Karen Thomson, Bestselling Author, Sugar Free

“Christine describes in a clear and authoritative book the benefits of bringing back the fat in our national diets. A thoroughly enjoyable book to cut through some of the nutritional myths still pervading the literature.” Dr Jason Fung, MD, Nephrologist, Author, The Obesity Code

“Christine teaches us that eating well-sourced fats is not only safe but health promoting.” Dr Ann Childers, MD

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