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Bring Back the Fat 2019—Regional Tour

Now coming to Canberra, Darwin and Dubbo—October/November 2019

See Christine speak!

Christine’s talk is called:

“Christine: You saved my life!”—Why I won’t stop speaking. Plus all things keto and weight loss.

Motivating, inspiring, and heartfelt reasons why Christine refuses to quit despite the bullying and harassment.


  • The true answers to long-term, sustainable weight loss
  • Why some people can fail to lose initially—and what to do about it
  • Why “eat less, move more” has failed us
  • Insulin resistance, why it can hold us back—and what to do about it
  • Keto myths busted!

There is a ton of misinformation out there about keto and LCHF. I find that around 50% of women, in particular, will not lose weight when they first try it. Not because it doesn’t work, it absolutely does, but because they don’t quite have all the pieces of the puzzle. This seminar has all those missing pieces.


Up close and personal with Christine after the break, with an entire session dedicated to your questions.

Christine Cronau is a keto nutritionist and weight loss specialist with a Master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition. Christine is also the bestselling Author of Bring Back the FatThe Fat Revolution, and The Fat Revolution Cookbook. Christine’s brand new book Easy Keto in 30 Minutes or Less will be launched at the event.

Hurry, early bird only $47! (limited availability). Full price $65

Locations and tickets:

Dubbo: 27 Oct 2019, 1 to 4pm. Brisbane St. Book tickets.
Canberra: 3 Nov 2019, 1 to 4pm. Deakin. Book tickets.
Darwin. 10 Nov 2019, 1 to 4pm. Casuarina. Book tickets.


Bring Back the Fat 2019—March 2019

Now available on video!

Order Seminar video Bring Back the Fat 2019 @ $65.00

Fed up with diets that don’t work? Questions about cholesterol? Confused about statins? This seminar has it all…

Why speaking truth to power?

After it was established that smoking caused lung cancer, it took another 50 years to change public policy. This was largely due to tobacco companies planting doubt, confusing the public and buying the loyalty of scientists. And big food companies are now doing the same. The science is now clear: saturated fat is not the demon it was made out to be (the real culprits are sugar and excess carbohydrate), but food corporations are confusing the public by playing dirty.

What if people could achieve extraordinary weight loss of 100 kg or more by eating a diet including eggs, butter and bacon, without counting a single calorie? And then keep it off for life? What if type II diabetes could be reversed? What if heart disease risk could be slashed by eating more fat, not less?

Extraordinary and life-changing results like this are being experienced every single day by people following keto and low-carb, healthy-fat diets, but industry is going to extraordinary lengths to keep this information from the public. Health professionals speaking out about these life-changing benefits are actively being targeted.

Recently, leaked documents from the Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum were uncovered stating that health professionals who were supportive of low-carb and paleo diets were at risk of “formal complaints” and “penalties”, with specific targets listed for “active defence”. And this is just one organisation.

Dr Gary Fettke, an Orthopaedic surgeon and low-carb, healthy fat advocate, was put through four and a half years of hell after two vexatious complaints were made against him by dietitians, one of which was that he “inappropriately reversed type II diabetes”! After a lengthy investigation, Dr Fettke was sanctioned and effectively “silenced”, not able to speak to his patients or the public about nutrition. In October 2018, he was finally cleared of all charges, and AHPRA apologised for the “errors made in dealing with the notification”.

Christine Cronau is a keto nutritionist with a Master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition, who has been reported to the Health Ombudsman six times, and although she has been cleared every time, each complaint involves a long, difficult process, requiring hours to compile evidence against the complaint. She also had her event bookings at four universities cancelled due to a petition that was mounted to stop her speaking.

Dr Maryanne Demasi, a medical scientist and award-winning investigative reporter, was also publicly attacked after her brilliant expose about statins in 2013. Maryanne has also been subjected to media attacks, suspension from her job, vexatious complaints that resulted in allegations of research misconduct, which she then had to spend months defending. She was also cleared, but these processes are very stressful and time consuming.

These courageous Australian speakers will be joined an international guest speaker, probably the most well-known cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra, who will systematically bust myths about fat and carbohydrate that are keeping us fat and sick. Malhotra will explain why misconceptions about saturated fat, heart disease and statins have been the greatest mistake in modern medical history.

This fact-filled seminar will address hot topics such as keto and weight loss, insulin resistance, type II diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease risk and more. And Lee Rogers will talk about how he lost 112 kg in just over a year.


Dr Aseem Malhotra
One of the most well-known and influential cardiologists internationally, who has been instrumental in the campaign against excess sugar consumption and speaking out about the myths surrounding dietary fat consumption. International bestselling author of the Pioppi diet.

Christine Cronau
Keto Nutritionist and weight loss specialist, with a Master’s in Public Health Nutrition, and bestselling Author of Bring Back the FatThe Fat Revolution, and The Fat Revolution Cookbook. Christine’s brand new book Bring Back the Fat Cookbook—Easy Keto in 30 Minutes or Less will be launched at the event.

Dr Gary Fettke
Tasmanian Orthopaedic surgeon with a longstanding interest in the preventative aspects of health outcome and particularly before surgery. He is, and always has been, a ‘loud’ advocate for public health and prevention. As a cancer survivor, he saw the benefits of reducing sugar and processed carbohydrates in his own health, and started to share the information, in broad principles, with his patients. His open nutritional advice on healthy eating came under investigation by AHPRA after anonymous vexatious notifications by dietitians and he was effectively silenced, unable to speak to his patients or the public about nutrition. Very recently, AHPRA dropped all charges against Dr Fettke and apologised for the ‘errors made in dealing with the notification.’

Dr Maryanne Demasi (MC)
Medical scientist and award-winning investigative reporter, well-known for her expose into Statins on ABC Catalyst, winning numerous prizes for her work including the National Press Club of Australia in health journalism


  • Dr Maryanne Demasi—Master of Ceremonies
  • Dr Gary Fettke—The end of type II diabetes (Launceston only)
  • Christine Cronau—”Christine, you saved my life”— Why I won’t stop speaking…And, all things keto and weight loss.
  • Dr Aseem Malhotra—Saturated fat, heart disease and statins: The greatest mistake in modern medical history?

Now available on video! Purchase below…

Order Seminar video Bring Back the Fat 2019 @ $65.00