Bring Back the Fat 2016 Seminar [Video]


Don’t fear the fat! Our 2016 seminar had it all…

Powerhouse speaker line up

  • Special guest from the UK: Dr Aseem Malhotra – World leading Cardiologist
  • Damon Gamaeu – That Sugar Film
  • Christine Cronau – Nutritionist, bestselling author
  • MC Dr Maryanne Demasi – Investigative reporter, ABC TV

Now available on video!




Dr Aseem Malhotra
One of the most well-known and influential cardiologists internationally, who has been instrumental in the campaign against excess sugar consumption and speaking out about the myths surrounding dietary fat consumption. International bestselling author of the Pioppi diet.

Christine Cronau
Keto Nutritionist and weight loss specialist, with a Master’s in Public Health Nutrition, and bestselling Author of Bring Back the FatThe Fat Revolution, and The Fat Revolution Cookbook.

Dr Maryanne Demasi (MC)
Medical scientist and award-winning investigative reporter, well-known for her expose into Statins on ABC Catalyst, winning numerous prizes for her work including the National Press Club of Australia in health journalism.

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