Regulating pH—The Real Story

PHCOVEREver heard that meat, cheese, and eggs are acid forming? Find out the real story!

And, having trouble losing weight? This book is for you!

Balancing  pH is one of the most important things we can do for our health. In fact, it is so important that an imbalance of pH is generally the underlying cause of all degenerative disease—and also causes weight gain.

When people are struggling with their weight loss and they see so many others sharing their LCHF (low carb, high fat diet) weight loss stories, they often write to me and ask why they are not losing weight. pH imbalance is one of the biggest factors that can prevent weight loss. When we are over-acid, we literally store acid waste in our fat cells to protect our organs.

In addition, there are some huge myths circulating about pH and alkaline diets. Most people have heard claims that meat, eggs, and cheese are “acid-forming” and that they should be limited to maintain a healthy pH. This is a colossal myth. I explain why this is incorrect, and why in fact quality protein from animal products are essential for maintaining healthy pH.

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