Have a hankering for soda?

buchiMost people following LCHF realise that soda is a health disaster with its 10 to 12 tsp sugar per serve. A great alternative is lacto-fermented beverages. Not only do they taste great, but fermented drinks infuse the digestive system with lactobacilli, lactic acid, enzymes, and minerals, so they act as a probiotic.

Sally Fallon, from the Weston Price foundation says, “Throughout the world, these lactic-acid-containing drinks have been valued for medicinal qualities including the ability to relieve intestinal problems and constipation, promote lactation, strengthen the sick and promote overall well-being and stamina. Above all, these drinks were considered superior to plain water in their ability to relieve thirst during physical labor. Both soft drinks and alcoholic beverages—and even plain water—are poor substitutes for these health-promoting beverages.”

Buchi Kombucha is wildly fermented with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY or Mother) making it packed full of powerful probiotics, antioxidents and digestive enzymes. ​Everything in Buchi is sourced from certified organic farmers.

The elixirs (eg. turmeric, ginger, limes, galangal etc) are all local to the SE QLD region, cold-pressed juiced to maintain their potency and vibrancy, and added to our kombucha at the time of bottling.

And, Buchi is RAW! This means that none of the ingredients have been heated, maintaining their potency and vibrancy. And we definately don’t force carbonate or pasteurise the product. The water is harvested from the heavens and filtered before brewing.

Buchi Kombucha is brewed in natural oak barrels (to avoid plastic contaminants).

​Buchi is made with sugar, but a lot of the sugar is consumed during fermentation. To reduce sugar content even more, it can be left out of the fridge to ferment further. The flavour with the least amount of natural sugar is Buchi Mamma, it has 3.3 g sugar in 250 ml.

Note: It is important to remember that because it does contain some sugar, it is best to only have a serve a day, rather than drinking bottles of it daily. Some people with sugar addictions can make that mistake when trying to replace a large soda consumption.

Buchi is available in many health food stores and online here.