The mainstream health industry tells us to drink eight glasses of water a day, and more if you exercise.  This is a very new idea, recently introduced into western society.  Ancient traditions and eastern medicine have never advocated the 8 by 8 theory.

Some people sip water all day long to try and reach their quota, but this can cause stress on the kidneys and dilute the level of salt in the blood, which affects the brain, muscle, and heart tissue.  It is important to be hydrated, but it is better to listen to your body.

The theory that once you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated doesn’t make sense.  Our body gives us signals about what we need, and those signals are there for a reason; just as the hunger signal tells us when we need to eat.  It is better to drink when you first rise (to rehydrate after sleep) and then drink when you are thirsty (away from meals).  It will naturally be less in winter, more in summer, less when sedentary, and more when exercising.

Many women think they are incontinent, when in fact, they are just drinking too much water.  As soon as they tone it down, and drink only when they need to, they can miraculously go hours without needing to ‘go’.  And, no longer need to know where every bathroom on the planet is located.

When you are drinking, avoid using plastic water bottles, including the polycarbonate bottles that are advertised as a healthier option.  Even polycarbonate can release chemicals into your water.  Try to use glass or stainless steel.

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