Healthy alternatives to standard treats can be prepared in as little as 5 minutes (prep time), like these apricot and coconut cookies.

Apricot and Coconut Cookies

½ cup dried apricots, cut into small chunks
1¼ cup desiccated coconut
3 eggs

  1. Beat eggs.
  2. Add dry ingredients.
  3. Roll into small balls, and place on a baking dish.
  4. Press each ball with a fork (while holding the outside with your fingers to maintain its structure).  Turn the fork in the opposite direction and press the ball again.
  5. Bake at 120°C for approximately 20 minutes, or until golden.


Note: This recipe is from the Fat Revolution Cookbook, which is a LCHF (low carb, high fat) cookbook, perfect for families and for those who don’t need to be super low in carbs. If you would like to be strict keto (no root vegetables, fruit, nuts), use the Easy Keto Cookbook.

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