So the recipes are sugar-free. Surely they can’t taste that good, right? Many people would have their doubts. I was at a Mind, Body, Spirit festival on the weekend, and a lady was looking through the book. She said, “I don’t want to sound rude, but do they taste any good?” I took out a sample of my chocolate, and she tasted it.  She said, “Wow, I’ll take one, how much?”

I wrote The Fat Revolution Cookbook because I LOVE TO EAT!  When I changed my diet years ago, I wasn’t satisfied to eat tasteless food, and I didn’t want my children missing out.  The recipes are tasty.  If you serve them to someone who doesn’t know they are sugar-free, they will never know.

You will get the odd person, who once they know they are sugar-free, gets a pre-conceived idea that they will taste bad, so when they taste, the food will taste bad to them.

Easy healthy mealsBut, having said that, most people who do know they are sugar-free absolutely love the taste.  I was on the ch 7 Morning Show once, and all the young guys on the cameras and the production team tasted the chocolate after the show.  The kept saying, “Oh my God, that is good!”  These are people with a sweet tooth, and they loved it.  By the way, yes, you can make your own sugar-free chocolate from scratch—in 30 minutes!  It is real chocolate (not carob), and you can make it into bars, and many other shapes, including freddo frogs for the kids (although I notice that these are very popular with adults too).

Whenever I have offered tastings, the children always come back for more.  Children have very strong sweet tooth these days, so if children love it, you know it has to be good.

You truly can enjoy, not only all the savory meals in The Fat Revolution Cookbook, but your chocolate, ice-cream, cake, and all kinds of other beautiful desserts, sweets, and snacks, that are 100% healthy!

I sometimes think that the act of bringing food is one of the basic roots of all relationships — The Dalai Lama

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