Improve Behavioural Issues

Why are behavioural issues on the rise?

Most food these days isn’t ‘real’; it often doesn’t contain any real nutritional value, and is full of sugar, chemicals, and other nasties that are making us sick and overweight.  In addition, it can cause major problems for many young children. Like I mentioned in the other section about increasing children’s focus and IQ, it has a great impact on how children can concentrate and learn.  But, some children react in a stronger way to artificial food additives.

Something I know for sure is that my son, Zac, would have been labelled as a problem child if he had been fed a regular diet.  Years ago, I figured out that he reacted badly to food colours and other additives, so was very careful with his diet. Once, my friend’s husband was looking after him, and gave him a rainbow ice block.  When we returned, he was rude and unmanageable (very out of character for him).  He was normally quiet, gentle, and very respectful.  My friend had known him for years, and said she wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t seen it.  She didn’t realise food (or non-food as the case may be) could have such an impact.  I know I have given him the gift of a wonderful life by feeding him well.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to remove all those colours and additives.  It used to be a huge effort, reading each label, and finding out which were natural additives and which were natural.  But, the way we eat now is much easier.  I rarely buy anything I have to check the label for (only the odd bottle in the health food store – some of those contain sugar etc).  I cook real food at home, so I know there is nothing there that shouldn’t be.  Cooking at home is actually easier than checking labels because most recipes in The Fat Revolution Cookbook can be prepared in 10 or 20 minutes.

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