One of the most common keto mistakes…fasting before fat adaptation.

Intermittent fasting is extremely healthy…once we are fat adapted. If we are not, we are simply going hungry and eating less than we need. In effect, it just becomes simply another method of dieting.

Around 50% of women, in particular, who try keto on their own fail to lose weight initially. That is a huge number and is a statistic not often talked about in keto communities. One of the biggest reasons why is starvation stress, which is what tends to happen after years of dieting. When we diet, our thyroid and metabolism have to slow down. This is why when we go back to normal eating, we tend to gain the weight back plus interest. And this state tends to get worse the longer we diet.

Going hungry when we don’t have fat as a fuel source also spikes blood glucose and insulin, which will likely sabotage our goals.

Once fat adapted, fasting can be a brilliant tool for excelling weight loss and improving health, because our cells remains fuelled, even without food.

If you would like to learn more about overcoming starvation stress, check out the 12-week program.

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