Your questions answered, 11 June, 2017

Hi everyone

This episode has a few questions and then a cholesterol special, which I will continue over the next few sessions.

Here are your questions answered in this episode:

  1. Can I use flavoured stevia drops when making chocolate (because they contain water)?
  2. I have lost 5 kg, 43 cm, feel better, but now I am stalled.
  3. I had most of my large intestine removed, is LCHF still right for me?
  4. My HBAIC is slightly high. Does this mean I still have insulin resistance?
  5. My cholesterol is considered high. Should I be worried about the results?

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From: Annette
Location: Queensland, Australia

Hi Christine

I am wondering if you use the flavoured Stevia drops when making chocolate because the base of the drops is distilled water.

Christine’s answer:

Great question. I just use the powdered stevia in chocolate because it doesn’t do well with any water. The liquid vanilla extract is fine (it is alcohol based), but I would avoid putting water into chocolate.

I hope that helps

From: Jaki
Location: Australia

Hi Christine,
I have been following LCHF for 3months. I started it to not only lose kgs but for what I hope to be overall health benefits. I have lost 5kgs and 43cms, feel so much less ‘swollen’, have a little more energy but I have stalled now it seems. I have around 13kgs to go to be at a reasonable weight for myself.

I have an underactive thyroid which I take medication for (150mcg daily). I had bowel cancer diagnosed 3 years ago. Had surgery to remove the tumour and most of my large intestine. Had chemo for 6 months after. I have been clear so far. I don’t exercise but have a job which requires a lot of walking.

My questions are:
*Is LCHF the right way of eating for me considering I have no large intestine (will proper digestion still occur while eating so much more fat) I fluctuate between slight constipation to watery faeces. (this can happen in the same day.)

*Can I do the Vit C home detox?

*My diabetes diagnosis & monitoring test done this month = HBA1C 5.7% which is slightly high. Does this mean I have too much glucose in my blood? Does this have anything to do with being insulin resistant? How do I find out if I am insulin resistant still?

*My cholesterol is considered high –
trig = 2.3, HDL = 1.36, LDL = 5.1 the doctor wants me to take medication which I have said no to of course. Should I be worried about these results?

I suppose my overall question is: Is this way of eating, long term, going to effect me adversely. I am just so frightened of another disease but frankly don’t know what the alternative is to LCHF. I have heard so many positive stories but no one with the same background as me. Some of the information is in your books of course but I would like your opinion with my whole background considered. I hope my questions are OK to ask. Thank you for your time.

Christine’s answer:

I can only give general information rather than specific advice (without seeing you for a full consultation and seeing your full history), so please let me know if you would like further info after this email, and we can book you in for a consolation with Caitlin, who can then go into more specific information based on your condition.

It is not unusual to lose weight in the first little bit and then stall. The biggest reason we find for a stall is insulin resistance, which we can check by testing fasting serum insulin. A doctor can order that test, or we can order the test if you see Caitlin.

When it comes to those who have had part of their bowel removed, interestingly, the easiest foods to digest and the ones that cause the least irritation are meat, eggs, and vegetables, so most do really well, but again, it may vary from person to person depending on their exact situation.

Generally when we see the HBAIC slightly high, it does mean that insulin resistance is probably an issue, which we can confirm by testing fasting serum insulin.

When we look at cholesterol, we look for low triglycerides (under 1), and high HDL. When we see high triglycerides, it is generally an indication of inflammation or something else in the body the cholesterol is trying to heal. We almost always see triglycerides drop after a significant period on LCHF and if specific health issues are addressed, especially insulin resistance.

I would highly recommend a consultation just so we can tailor everything specific to you since you do have a very specific situation. Also, if we can analyse full blood results, it gives us a huge insight into everything that is happening in the body. Most people who do a consultation are blown away with what they get out of it. And, all consults are done via skype so they can all be done at home. And she can talk about the detox as well.

I hope that helps in some way, let me know if you have further questions.

Because high cholesterol is one of the things I am asked about most, I am going to dedicate the rest of this segment to cholesterol, and continue to do a few more cholesterol specials because there are so many aspects to cholesterol that are worth discussing.

The first thing I will address is the fact that we need cholesterol. And cholesterol isn’t “bad” for us, in fact, the opposite is true.

Cholesterol is very protective, which is why it comes up in response to inflammation or some other issue that requires healing. If we have calcification and inflammation of the arteries, which puts us at risk for heart disease, our cholesterol is likely to rise—because it is trying to heal the damage. It isn’t causing the damage. Like many doctors say, blaming cholesterol is like blaming the fireman for starting the fire!

If we can think differently about cholesterol, it helps us get to the root of what is actually going on if cholesterol is high.

But before we even do that, what is high cholesterol anyway? The “healthy” range for cholesterol parameters keep changing. Twenty years ago, 7.0 millimoles per liter (which is the measurement used in Australia. If you are in the US, that is 271milligrams per deciliter. Then the parameters changed to 6.5, and now anything above 5.5 is considered “high.” 212 for those in the US.

And, the lower the parameters, the more people we have getting treated. Interestingly, cholesterol medication is currently the top-selling drug.

Many times, I am contacted by someone because they have been told their cholesterol is high, but in most cases, their total cholesterol is 5.5 or 6.0.

And, because cholesterol heals, low cholesterol is not good, especially as we get older and have more to heal. In fact study after study shows that in older people, those with the highest cholesterol live the longest. A fact that has never been disputed in any journal. So why are we madly trying to lower cholesterol? And, many doctors are advising their patients to come down to levels that are not even possible without drugs (without being critically ill), like a total cholesterol of 2.5! Which is 97 for those in the US.

Dr Kendrick in the UK says that we need total cholesterol of at least 5.5. He says, “Is it 5.5 and above? Good. Below 4.0? watch out!

So we need cholesterol. And even when cholesterol is high, it is not causing us damage; it is likely healing damage.

It doesn’t mean we can’t look at cholesterol results as a predictor of heart disease. We can, but we generally don’t look at total cholesterol (unless it is too low). We look at the triglycerides and HDL. More about that next time, but hopefully I can leave you with the idea that cholesterol is absolutely essential. Not only does it help heal damage, but it also is necessary for just about every bodily function such as healthy hormones, brain function, cell function and repair and more. We definitely need cholesterol!

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