Weight loss special, part 3

Hi everyone

Welcome to part 3 of my weight loss special.

Before I explain the segment, a quick note that we are starting our Fat Revolution Event this weekend, starting with Melbourne and Launceston this weekend, then Brisbane and Sydney next weekend. We currently have a huge special, buy one ticket, get one free! So, I hope to see you there. If you do come along, please come and say hello!

And, if you already purchased a ticket prior to the sale, if you would like one for a friend, let me know and I can send that to you. For more info on the event, click here. The focus of my talk is all things weight loss.

In this segment, I answer a few questions about weight loss, and then continue with my weight loss special. A few examples of how starvation stress can impact on weight loss, and how it is just a temporary problem with a little patience; it doesn’t mean that LCHF doesn’t work.

The questions include:

  1. What are your thoughts on weight loss products like Xyngular?
  2. Do I need to do a detox?
  3. How can you tell when you are in a state of permanent fat burning?
  4. If the body is in fat burning mode and you eat lots of fat, won’t the body burn the fat from the food instead of stored fat?

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From: Joanne
Location: NSW Australia

Hi Christine,
What are your thoughts on purported weight loss/health regaining products such as Xyngular? They seem to follow a low carb (but not necessarily high fat) way of eating in conjunction with their natural supplements, but do you think the products make any difference? Or are they just a con to make money and can you do it just by eating LCHF? (I have PCOS and severe insulin resistance and have years of damage to reverse!!).

Christine’s answer:

Most of these products contain ingredients we would not want in the diet. For example, this one has a meal replacement that is based on soy. Not only would I never advocate replacing food with a meal replacement, soy is a disaster for women’s hormones (especially for anyone already struggling with PCOS or other hormonal issues).

They also have a product that controls appetite, which again, we don’t want to do. And they advocate calorie counting.

People often lose weight with this type of diet, but it generally comes back plus interest because the body just goes into starvation stress. The thyroid slows and the metabolism slows, which means the body will gain weight when we go back to normal eating (in most cases).

I would definitely prefer to do it with LCHF, it helps balance hormones, brings insulin down (if carbs are low enough) and helps health the body by giving it what it needs.

From: Claire
Location: New Zealand

I’ve only been eating this way for this week, loving it so far – eggs fried in butter was always a comfort food for me, I love it and I’m thrilled to be able to enjoy it again without feeling guilty!

My question is this, do I need to do a detox? I think I read something about it in one of your books, haven’t finished them all yet bar the cookbook. I’ve just received an email from Ty Bollinger in USA of The Truth About Cancer and he’s offering a DVD series with interviews with various different medical people about how and why to detox. Thank you.

Christine’s answer:

That is a really great question. The fantastic thing about LCHF is it is one of the best detox diets in the world. Most people think you have to drink green juices and take interesting pills to detox, but LCHF in itself will help the body detox. In fact, if you go to a specialist for heavy metal detox, if they know what they are doing, they will put you on LCHF to detox. And that is because the protein and the fat help detox the heavy metals.

If you go to Living Valley Springs Health Retreat, they also put everyone through a detox, and it is a little more intense than just doing LCHF. Years ago, their detox was through juices but now they do it with protein and fat because it works better. Instead of eating, the guests take protein drinks (with fat), and they also do flushes (to flush the bowel). This sort of detox is better done in a controlled environment like the retreat. However, we can do a vitamin C flush at home to flush the bowel, which is a great cleanse to do at the start. I do have instructions on doing in the flush in both The Fat Revolution and also Bring Back the Fat.

From: Deborah
Location: Qld Australia

Hi Christine,

  1. How can you tell when you are in a state of permanent fat burning? I think I am, having been ketogenic for about a year now. My weight loss has stalled. I lose a little and then gain it back for several weeks before it moves slightly again😥
  2. if the body is in fat burning mode and you eat lots of fat as we need to, won’t the body burn the more easily accessible fat before using the stored fat? If this is the case, does eating less fat then allow the body to burn more stored fat which is what I certainly need to happen?

Thanks so much,

Christine’s answer:

If you have been on a ketogenic diet for a long time (and have been showing ketones that entire time), and if your insulin and glucose is stable (down to optimal), then it is likely you are in a fat burning state.

If weight loss has stalled, it is probably a good idea to check to see if your insulin is raised. You can ask your doctor to test fasting serum insulin. Some doctors refuse to do it. If that happens, we can test it for you (if you book a short appointment with Caitlin. She can see you with skype or phone).

Once we are completely fat adapted, we can do a bit of intermittent fasting, which does encourage the body to burn our fat stores. However, it is really important to only do this when we are fully fat adapted, otherwise our body just goes into starvation stress.

We still need to eat fat to be healthy, so going low-fat isn’t a good idea, but skipping meals (the best one to skip is dinner) can be a great way to start tapping into body fat.

And now to continue with the weight loss special.

Starvation stress was the topic last week, and like I mentioned then, when we diet, especially long term, our thyroid slows, our metabolism slows and we start protecting our fat as much as we can. Because most of us have spent so much time dieting previous to LCHF, most women will likely be in this state when they start LCHF.

And this means, it is possible that they will even gain weight when starting. In fact, when people aren’t losing but aren’t gaining either, I think that is a win in the beginning phases. I gained weight when I first started LCHF. Our Nutritionist Caitlin also gained when she first started. And of course when that happens, it is natural to question things, I thought to myself, maybe fat does make us fat afterall. But because I had done so much research, and because I was feeling better, I decided to stick with it. And I am so glad I did because otherwise I would have missed out on 15 years of good health.

Unfortunately, I know a lot of people have given up during this phase thinking “it just doesn’t work for me,” but that isn’t it at all, they just don’t realise that they probably need to go through this phase first.

And, now, the story I was going to tell you. Kelly is one of the success stories in Bring Back the Fat, and I will also be telling her full story in my talk coming up this weekend and next weekend. Kelly had a lifelong battle with her weight and went LCHF. But the part of her story I am going to tell you now relates to starvation stress. After she lost a lot of weight with LCHF, she then went low fat and was over-exercising; she was tired, run down, and most importantly, hungry!

She came across the concept of zero carb. Zero carb isn’t actually zero carb, but it is very, very low carb. She decided to try it. She stopped exercising and started eating. And, she said boy did I ever eat. I felt like I had been so hungry for so long I was starving.

She started feeling really good. But, she started gaining weight. She said she almost went back to her gym junkie ways, but she felt so good she decided to stick with it. She said for six months, she couldn’t get enough to eat, and for six months she slowly gained. That is a long time! And, she almost quit several times, but she said, then the magic happened. She said her body finally felt fed and the extra weight just started falling off on its own. Now she feels healthy, rested and fit, and looks amazing. And the most incredible part of her story is that prior to this she was infertile. Now she has three beautiful children and she looks incredible.

It is truly incredible what the body can do when we actually feed it. And it does need to be fed. So many of us have spent years depriving our bodies of what they need. Like Kelly, sometimes we need to eat until the body gets what it needs. And we need to stop thinking about restricting food. Because our body needs a certain amount of food to function well and to be in a state of optimal health.

I hope that story helps, and inspires you to keep going when things are looking a little hopeless. Just like me, it would have been so easy for Kelly to give up, but if she had, she would also missed out on years of health.

If good health is our main goal, then sometimes it is a lot easier to lose weight, because it often comes later as a very pleasant bonus.

If you are coming to my talks this week and next week, please come and say hello. I love connecting with you personally. And, we currently have a huge sale on tickets. You can buy one, get one free! And, if you have purchased your tickets previously and would like an extra for a friend, let us know and we can send one out to you.

And that is all we have time for, as usual, it was a pleasure, and I look forward to speaking to you again soon.


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