Chemical perfumes, skin care products and make-up can put junk in our trunk! They can cause weight gain!

Why? Some of the chemicals disrupt our hormones, which causes fat storage.

I recommend using only natural ingredients on our skin; something we could safely ingest. The average person uses around nine skin care products every day, which exposes us to over 100 chemicals every day. In addition to our poor Western diet, toxicity is the other huge problem contributing to modern disease and ageing. Chemicals are absorbed directly into our bloodstream when we put them on our skin.

Try to find products that you can easily understand the ingredients; for example, Jajoba oil, aloe vera or rosehip oil. The same goes for make-up, perfume, and other personal care products.

Ecology skin cream is the skin care I use. In fact, I tried this years ago and I am hooked! It is the only one that leaves my skin moisturised all day (it doesn’t soak in and then dry up like many others do).

Ecology also offers the following deals for my customers!

For 10% off, enter the code BRING BACK THE FAT 10
For a free mini moisturiser, enter the code BRING BACK THE FAT

Ecology also sells natural sunscreen, deodorant, lip balms, cleansers, soaps and more.

Ecology was developed by Crystal Fieldhouse, who chooses to eat high quality, nutrient dense foods, so she wanted the same for her skin care.

She herself used to have very sensitive skin, and found that commercial skin care did not meet her personal standards or help with her problem skin. She decided to go back to traditional principles.

She began experimenting, and has developed a beautiful range of skin creams, made with only a handful of recognisable ingredients. These are ingredients you can picture growing in nature (in fact, she has pictures of the ingredients on her website).


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