Have you ever worked out week after week, without your weight ever changing? I certainly have, and it is so frustrating. But what I didn’t know at the time was that if we are continually consuming food that prompts fat storage, it is very difficult for all your efforts to show up. The problem is, the foods we are told are healthy are normally the culprits!

Once when I was at the gym, I saw them put on a spread for some sort of celebration. The table was full of food that would have been considered “healthy” but it was all carb! Everything likely to cause fat storage!

We are told to avoid fat because it is twice the calories of carbohydrate. Fat has twice the calories of sugar! And that is all true. But the problem with that concept is that different foods act very differently in the body, regardless of their calories. For example, even though sugar and other carbohydrates have half the calories of fat, they are the most likely to prompt fat storage. And while fat has twice the calories, it is the least likely food to cause fat storage! And if you have ever accidentally taken too much coconut oil, you will know what I mean—it generally comes out the other end!

Not only that, fats stimulate production of a hormone called Cholecystokinin (CCK), which is what makes us feel satisfied (full) when we eat. This is why we can eat an entire packet of cookies (pure carbohydrate) and still not feel satisfied. It is very difficult to over-eat fat. It is no wonder that low-fat diets never worked.

The true key to weight loss is definitely in the fridge, not the gym. In fact, studies consistently show that while exercise is very healthy, when it comes to weight loss, it has little to no benefit.

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