Fat is not what has been making us fat.

Our bodies are designed to eat saturated fat, and we have been doing so for thousands of years. Guess what farmers feed livestock to fatten them up? Low-fat grain. While humans have different systems to livestock, most mammals will get fat eating too many carbohydrates, including domesticated animals consuming commercial dog/cat food full of carbohydrate fillers.

Animals are never overweight in the wild. But what happens when we start feeding them?

And if we think about it, our ancestors could not have eaten the diet advocated in the widely-accepted food pyramid. Some mainstream doctors and other health professionals are starting to advocate fat as an essential nutrient, but they are often very conservative with their recommendations and encourage us to stick with nuts, avocado, olive oil, etc., for small quotas of fat. Fat is an essential nutrient and it needs to be a regular part of our diet, rather than being eaten in minimal doses only.

The real foods accessible by our ancestors were meat, vegetables, eggs, butter, and unpasteurised milk products (mostly cultured).  Our ancestors had access to some fruits and a few grains, but grains generally weren’t the staple of their diet. Any grains or nuts they used would have been soaked and fermented.

I have been eating plenty of fat for the last 10 years. In case you think that I flog myself in the gym, and that I must burn it all off, that isn’t the case either. My weight doesn’t change when I am unable to exercise. Actually I tend to lose a few kilos because I lose a little muscle 🙂

Food without fat is like life without love.  Modern Proverb

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