Christine’s Story

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Overweight in her 20s. . . After growing up on low-fat food and mostly carbohydrates, Christine started “managing” her weight at 18. After many failed diets, she tried something different. For Christine’s full dieting history, click here.

Chronic fatigue at 30. . .  In her mid twenties, Christine decided to become ‘super’ healthy, and follow mainstream dietary advice to the letter. She became a vegetarian and followed a very low-fat diet, including whole-grain and unrefined foods. She always ensured that she combined her grains and legumes to get adequate protein. Unfortunately, instead of her health improving, it started to decline. She later discovered that it was her ‘healthy’ diet doing the damage. Her blood tests showed that she was severely protein deficient, was losing calcium from her teeth and bones at the young age of 30, had insulin resistance, IBS, digestive issues, under-active thyroid, hormone problems, and had the energy of someone who just finished a marathon; she was running on empty.

A picture of health in her 40s. . .  Christine completely changed her diet. She now eats LCHF (low carb, high fat) and all those forbidden foods; butter, eggs, whipped cream, all of it. She eliminated sugar and excess carbohydrates. In her mid forties, she is healthier than she ever was in her 20s. She recovered from all her health conditions, including chronic fatigue.

Freedom from diets. . . And now, Christine never has to think about how much she eats, never counts calories, and never, ever diets.

Christine spent over 13 years researching the facts about food and fats. The results are evident in her engaging, ground-breaking books about dietary truths that have been ignored by ‘conventional wisdom’; one of which is that dietary fat is not causing obesity and disease, and that in fact, low-fat diets make us fat—and sick.

Christine’s revolutionary work is captivating and easy to read; a fascinating look at how we have reached such a mistaken consensus about health—and why the truth is something we all want to hear.

Break free with Christine… The Fat Revolution is the story behind the biggest scam of the 21st century; a fascinating and controversial disclosure, debunking ‘conventional wisdom’ about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and diet. This book is an invaluable look into what makes us fat and the real cause of heart disease. Learn why saturated fat doesn’t make us fat and is NOT the demon it has been portrayed to be. And, why exercise is unnecessary for weight-loss, and why, in fact, low-fat diets are fattening.

The Fat Revolution Cookbook is a cookbook with a difference. Never before have we had permission to indulge in our favourite foods—without adding to our waistline. Have your cake and eat it! Delicious healthy recipes, including chocolate, ice-cream and cake. It is also packed with intriguing information, facts and quotes from the experts.

Bring Back the Fat is Christine’s latest book, which is all about weight loss, becoming a permanent fat burner and dealing with insulin resistance.


Christine is nutritionist, author and public speaker in the field of nutrition, diet and health.

Originally, Christine received her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Mathematics (hons) from California State University Fresno, and worked as a scientific and technical author for the next 15 years.

Christine completed further study in Nutrition with an Adv Dip in Nutritional Medicine, and finally a Master of Public Health Nutrition at the University of Queensland.

Christine is accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

ATMS member number: 28450.

Provider numbers with private health funds:

AHM: 21151211
Australian Unity: 21139329
CBHS: 28450
HBF: B30396
Medibank Private: 1459001J
NIB: 28450
Teachers Union Health: 28450
Westfund: ATN28450
GU: 21119147