A new study (2011) shows just how much poor nutrition choices can impact your child’s IQ. The study showed that children who ate mostly processed food when they were younger had lower IQ scores as they got older. The more processed food they ate, the lower the IQ score.

The opposite was also true. The healthier the diet, the higher the IQ.

The study also showed that feeding children poorly when they are younger increases the likelihood that they continue to make poor food choices as they grow up, and will continue eating food with little or no nutritional value.

Woodland Hall Academy in the U.S. has also done research showing that the intake of sugar lowered IQ for a few days. One boy was tested at 140, but later tested at 100, which is a dramatic reduction. The day he tested 100, he had a visit from Grandma, who made him pancakes with sugary syrup. Three days later, he tested at 140 again.

I believe that children who are eating sugar every day, are working at a distinct disadvantage, because their IQ could be permanently lowered. I also believe we can almost certainly boost our children’s energy, gross motor development, concentration, focus, and their intelligence by feeding them well.

And we don’t need to deprive them to do it. We can offer them healthy alternatives to all their favourite sweets, desserts, and snacks, including cupcakes, muffins, chocolate mousse, chocolate, cake, ice cream, and more.

And, kids love the food. They usually don’t even realise it is healthy.

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