Why a revolution?

Diet and Fat: The Biggest Health Blunder in History!
…the biggest con in history….the biggest lie in history… and the biggest mistake in history…

And, it makes us fat. It makes us sick. It dulls our children’s intelligence. In 50 years, we will look back and wonder what in the world we were thinking. Now is a crucial time to expose the truth. I think we all know deep down that something is wrong, even if we don’t quite know what it is.

I want people to know the facts so they can make informed decisions. Much to my publicist’s dismay, I often refer to other authors and books, like Gary Taubes or Professor Noakes. I also make sure my books are stocked in libraries. That’s because I don’t care where people get the information; I just want them to have it. I want this food craziness to stop. I want people to know there is an easier way.

Why do I care so much? Why do I put my time and energy into this movement?

Because I’m tired of watching the MAJORITY of women (and a lot of men) struggle with weight, eating the wrong foods. When I know we are all being fattened like livestock. How do they fatten livestock? With loads of fatty foods? No! With grain. We have the wrong information and it means we are always fighting a losing battle.

Because I’m tired of watching people diagnosed with heart disease receive advice that could do more harm than good.  Many of our loved ones are dying because of misinformation.  Isn’t this worth an investigation?

Because I’m tired of watching people suffer from man-made disease, chronic illnesses that are completely preventable. In Australia, 1 in 2 will get cancer, 1 in 4 currently has diabetes, and someone dies from heart disease every 10 minutes. Not to mention all the other man-made ailments cropping up like sports injuries (from connective tissue breakdown), chronic fatigue, and auto-immune diseases just to name a few. This is crazy. Is current dietary advice working?  Despite medical advances, disease is growing at an alarming rate.

Because I’m tired of watching children’s natural brilliance dimmed. Even 10 years ago, a much smaller percentage of children suffered from learning disabilities, behaviour issues, and other problems. Today, en masse, children struggle with gross motor skill, focus, and energy. And, I’m just going to say it; IQ is often a fraction of what it could be. And, we now have the first generation expected to die before their parents. That means, 5 to 10 years before we die, we have to watch our children die?

Our looks are changing too! Our natural human blueprint is beautiful (we are all meant to be attractive). Because of major changes in western nutrition, our faces are changing.  Foreheads protrude, eyes develop closer together, teeth are crooked (yes, because of nutrition), jaws protrude, etc. Adele Davis, a nutrition writer back in the 50s was the first to recognise this problem, and it isn’t getting any better. Our children should be a picture of health, but many don’t look well, and most seem to have blue circles under their eyes. The answer may be simple.

What’s the problem? We all are misinformed. In many cases, it’s simply a matter of mistaken consensus. We’ve all been told fat makes us fat. We’ve all been told that fat causes heart disease and stroke. What if this theory was never based on fact, but has been accepted because it’s the consensus of the majority?  What if, like Gary Taubes says, “it has all been a big fat lie?”

How did this happen?

Humans have been eating fat for thousands of years, prior to it becoming taboo in the 1950s. In the 1800s, we ate plenty of fat, and heart disease was practically non-existent; the first documented case of a heart attack was in 1926. And this was after a massive change in diet (in the late 1800s, we started producing convenience food (breakfast cereal was first) and massively increased our sugar consumption.

The history of the biggest health mistake

By the 1950s, heart disease was an epidemic. In 1953, Ancel Keys came up with a theory that saturated fat intake increased risk for heart disease. His theory was never proven (with a complete, scientific study), but it started a snowball, and became the newest big thing. Documentation has shown since that Harvard Scientists were paid by the sugar industry to take the blame away from sugar and place it onto fat. There were actually many scientists at the time who disagreed, but as the idea gained more and more momentum, and was taken on board by government; those who opposed were disregarded.

We now have loads of evidence discrediting the theory, however, it’s very slow for people to take it on. I’m sure nobody wants to admit to such a blunder. It’s so ingrained in our society; it would take a lot of guts to say, ‘Hey, we were wrong; let’s change our entire diet.’

In fact, many studies have been conducted over the years that show that saturated fat isn’t the culprit behind heart disease, but the results have been swept under the rug. The Minnesota Coronary Study was done as early as 1972 and showed that people on a cholesterol-lowering diet had significantly greater mortality than those on a regular diet. Did we hear about it? No.  The results were finally published in 1989. 17 years later!  When lead investigator Ivan Frantz Jr was asked why the results weren’t published, his response was “We didn’t like the results.”  Ancel Keys was a collaborator for the study.

In 1988, the surgeon general’s office (responsible for health mandates in the U.S.) decided to gather all the evidence linking saturated fat to heart disease, to prove the low-fat theory once and for all (probably to quieten people like me). In 1999, after 11 years of research, they were unable to prove it, and killed the project.

No report was ever released, but I spoke to Gary Taubes personally, who interviewed the responsible parties. The comment from Bill Harlan was “The report was initiated with a preconceived opinion of the conclusions, but the science behind those opinions was clearly not holding up. Clearly the thoughts of yesterday were not going to serve us very well.” In other words, the entire idea that fat caused heart disease was flawed, and in fact, completely incorrect.

Another recent study, published in 2010, was done at the Oakland Research Institute in California. The researchers pooled the data from 21 studies, including 348,000 subjects, and found no difference in the risks of heart disease and stroke between people with the lowest and highest intakes of saturated fat.

Sixty years later and there is STILL NO evidence supporting the original theory presented by Ancel Keys, and loads of evidence telling us it is wrong. But, because it is so ingrained, many people don’t even want to consider it.

Many well-known doctors, naturopaths, and nutritionists are now re-educating people that fat never was the issue, and is actually an essential nutrient. Like I said before, studies show the real culprit behind heart disease is sugar, and anything that turns to sugar in our blood (excess carbohydrates, like grain).

We must get over this crazy idea that fat is bad for us

Saturated fat is healthy and a natural part of our diet. In addition to other fats, our family eats over 2 kilos of butter per week, and we are all fit and healthy. At 41, people often ask me for my secrets. Eating fat is one of them. When we remove it from our diet, we get fat, we get sick, and we age much faster than we should.

And, we don’t have to exercise hard to burn it off. I love exercise, but when it comes to weight loss, it is completely unnecessary! For those who think you have to work hard to get results, think again. It is mostly about the food we eat, not how much we do. When we constantly fatten ourselves with grains and sugars, then weight loss is hard. The secret to weight loss is definitely in the fridge, not the gym.

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