Your questions answered, 17th October, 2016

Hi everyone

I have some very exciting announcements this week.

I am very happy to tell you about our new online weight loss program. I have been working on this for the last six months and it is great to now have it available. For the last year, we have been offering 12 week programs with our nutritionist, Caitlin, which has been fantastic, but she can only see a limited number of people, and working one-on-one with a nutritionist for 12 weeks is also an expensive option. So, I wanted to create a program that could offer the same benefit to more people and also be much more affordable.

The 12 week program is designed to give you the same information you would receive if you had 12 consultations with me, and, I will not always be able to do this, but while I can, I am also offering the email support for the program. If you would like to find out more about the program, more information is here.

Secondly, we are adding a few great things to the membership program. We created a new group forum on facebook so you can share recipes, ideas, successes, failures (where you may need some support), and you can receive motivation, support, and encouragement from the group. The link to the new forum is here. It is a brand new forum, so be the first to join and share!!

And, coming up in the next few months, we will be adding new videos, cooking segments, interviews with experts, interviews with people who have changed their lives with LCHF. I will let you know when the first of these new videos is live, so stay tuned.

Here are your questions answered in this episode:

  1. I am not losing weight. I feel like I have done everything possible. Should I have my insulin checked? Would your 12 week program help?
  2. Does freezing damage the enzymes in lemon juice?
  3. I am not losing weight and don’t seem to be registering ketones. I don’t want to give up because I am not bloated, not hungry, and not looking for food. What am I doing wrong?
  4. I have experimented with LCHF since April and went off statins. My total cholesterol went up to 7.4 and the doctor put me back on statins. Can I use olive oil, nuts and avocados as fat and will they leave my LDL unaffected?

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From: Kerrie
Location: Brisbane

I’m not losing weight on this woe. I am completely confused. My ph is where it should be. People say eliminate dairy which I have done but don’t’ t like. I have included butter in everything. I have seen a naturopath that you recommend and that didn’t help. I have included butter with everything and also added avocado to my diet. I have leaky gut but have been taking what the naturopath recommended for 9 months and have now stopped that due to costs and have gone to the glutamine powder for the last 5 weeks. I seem to have done everything possible. The only thing I can think is should I have my insulin resistance checked? Would your 12 week program help? Should I check my ketosis? Please help! Thanks

Christine’s answer:

Insulin is definitely the number one thing I would look at because elevated insulin is the number one cause for people not losing weight. And yes, it is also a good idea to check to see if you are burning fat for energy (that you are in ketosis). The 12 week program is designed to bring insulin down, and is also designed to make sure the body is burning fat for energy, so it could absolutely be helpful.

I do find that the glutamine is absolutely the best thing to take for leaky gut. It does take a while to heal, I took glutamine for around a year when I had leaky gut.

From: Lisa
Location: NSW

Hi Christine
You’ve mentioned that heat destroys the enzymes in lemon juice. Does freezing also? For instance freezing lemon juice for when lemons are out of season and using that instead of freshly squeezed. Also should lemon juice be drunk through a straw and if so should stainless steel straws be avoided? Thank you

Christine’s answer:

The freezing point of lemon juice is a lot lower than water, so it can be difficult to freeze it. I find that I am always able to get lemons, no matter what the season, because different varieties fruit at different times of the year.

Yes, I always advocate drinking lemon juice through a straw to protect the enamel on the teeth. And stainless steel straws are perfect, nothing wrong there at all.

From: Batty
Location: Brisbane Qld Australia

I initially saw your article in the Sunday’s Body & Soul and was so excited that I sent away for your books and have read them all cover to cover a couple of times. I decided to commence my journey at the beginning of August 2016. I also thank you for commencing the on-line programme which I have also joined. BUT I really don’t know what I am doing wrong. I get quite particular when following a programme and have been trying my hardest since August but the only thing that I have managed to do is put on 5 kilos and become so so disheartened. I can’t seem to get any ketones and have tried all different ways but everything just feels like I am a failure and that I should just give up. I don’t want to give up because for once I am not hungry and looking for food and I am not feeling bloated but I have always struggled with my weight and am getting really frustrated about my weight just going up. I am sort of feeling better but my nails were going really good but have started to break and split over the last couple of weeks. Would you have any idea as to what I am going wrong. Also in your recipes would it be possible to put how many serves they are and then detail the amount of fat, cabs and protein in each serve. As I said I really don’t want to give up and I follow everything to the letter but I am feeling like the biggest failure that you have ever had. Thanks for you time. Batty

Christine’s answer:

One of the reasons I started the online program was because around 50% of women (in particular) fail to lose weight when they start LCHF. Not because LCHF doesn’t work, but because they might not have all the right information to make it work for them.

So, the fact that you have started the program is perfect. If you follow it through for the 12 weeks, it should really help.

Because most of us have spent our lives dieting previously, or eating low-fat food, we often start LCHF in a state of starvation stress, which means our thyroid is slow, our metabolism is slow, and our bodies try do everything they can to protect our fat stores.

Returning to normal eating while in this state does sometimes result in weight gain, and understandably so. We have to heal the starvation stress in order to then start losing weight, and the online program is designed to do that.

The other big factor is insulin. Every patient we have had come to us that has been LCHF long term and not lost weight had elevated insulin (even though they had been LCHF). If we have elevated insulin, then even good carbs spike insulin and glucose. And while insulin is elevated, it is almost impossible to lose weight. I discuss this right at the beginning program, and that is why I suggest having insulin tested. Have you done that? It should give you a good insight into what is going on.

From: Annette
Location: Nsw australia

Hi, I have experimented with this way of eating since April and went off statins. I had a blood test and my tot cholesterol is 7.4 – hdl 2, trig .7 and LDL 5.1, My total prev chol was very acceptable at 3.5 on Lipitor 20mg.
My doctor insisted I go back on statins and try a lower dose Crestor 5mg. I don’t want to be on statins but as I had a heart attack due to stress (no blockages or stents) and have hypertension I have agreed. My question is, can I do LCHF using Olive oil, nuts and avocados as fat? Will those fats leave my LDL unaffected? I am hoping to keep my ldl low and lose 10 kilos – thereby being able to drop the statins then? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Christine’s answer:

I can’t give specific advice about this without seeing you as a patient, but I can give you my opinion if it was me.

A total cholesterol of 3.5 is very low. While the doctors may think it is great, studies consistently show that those with lower cholesterol levels die younger. There is no study that shows otherwise.

Years ago, a total cholesterol of 7 was completely acceptable, and was not considered high, but they keep lowering parameters.

The most important numbers to look at for determining heart disease risk are the HDL and the trigs. HDL of 2 and trigs of .7 are fantastic. When the trigs are low, the LDL number will be wrong (they calculate it and when trigs are low, the formula doesn’t work).

It is more likely to be 4.2, not 5.1 (there is a different formula you can use that works better when trigs are low).

Also, studies also show that LDL cholesterol does not increase risk for heart disease, and that when our trigs are low and HDL high, the LDL is the large, fluffy kind (healthy).

Cholesterol is so important to the healing process, it can be quite dangerous to lower it because cholesterol protects us from inflammation etc. Studies also show that statins increase risk for atherosclerosis. They have been proven to lower cholesterol, but they have never been proven to prevent heart disease or stroke, some say this in their own advertising material.

Have you read the cholesterol chapter in Bring Back the Fat? Or the page about cholesterol in the member section. It is called “Worried about your cholesterol”

I hope some of that helps


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