Your gallbladder is NOT diseased!

GALLBLADDERCOVERIt has become common place for gallbladders to be removed, and in most cases, for absolutely no reason at all. Our gallbladders are not a non-functional part of our anatomy. We have them because they serve a very important purpose, and I want people to know the truth about fats and gallbladders. I have saved a fair few gallbladders in my time, and I would like to save as many as possible.

I find it astonishing that people are being told by their surgeons that gallbladders are not ‘needed’ and that it is absolutely fine to remove them! The gallbladder is an essential part of our anatomy, which stores bile.

Bile is crucial for emulsifying fats. Why do we need to emulsify fat? To digest and absorb the fat. Those who are not getting enough fat, or not absorbing fats properly, will be deficient in essential fatty acids. And, fats are needed for just about every bodily function, including healthy cells.

Bile is not actually produced in the gallbladder; it is produced in the liver. Half of the bile produced in the liver goes directly to the small intestine for digestion of fats; the other half is stored in the gallbladder so it can be used at any time. For adequate digestion of fats, we do need our gallbladder. If you have had yours removed, don’t panic, there are things you can do to work with your liver to assist with adequate bile production.

Hundreds of thousands of gallbladders are removed in each Western country every year, mostly due to gallstones. People are told that their gallbladder is diseased and the only option to stop the stabbing pains or other uncomfortable symptoms is to have it removed.

Unfortunately, most medical professionals are unaware of the true reasons for gallstones. These stones are incredibly easy and simple to fix—and the remedies do not involve radical solutions such as the removal of a vital organ!

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