Why LCHF (Low carb, high fat)?


LCHF Breakfast

The low fat craze was supposed to help us lose weight and boost our health, but it has done the opposite. We are now fatter than ever, and our health system is in crisis.

Contrary to popular belief, we have been eating natural, saturated fat for millions of years, without obesity, and without heart disease; these ailments only cropped up in the early 1900s. Why? It’s been blamed on saturated fat, so did we suddenly start eating more? We didn’t. In fact, our saturated fat consumption came down, but we did start producing processed vegetable oils, and we also started mass producing sugar. Between 1890 and 1920, sugar consumption doubled because we saw the birth of the very first confectionery companies.

LCHF is simply a lifestyle that emulates a more natural, ancestral diet; before we adopted low-fat mania. It means less carbohydrates, moderate protein, and plenty of natural fats like butter and coconut oil.


Who needs sugar anyway? Chocolate dipped strawberries, naturally sweetened

Why LCHF isn’t a diet…Diets are about deprivation. LCHF is about indulgence. Diets are about feeling hungry. LCHF is about feeling satisfied, always. Diets perpetuate fat phobia. LCHF embraces fat. Dieting induces cravings. LCHF does the opposite. Dieting is hard. LCHF is easy. Dieting creates addictions. LCHF cures addictions. Diets often lead to binges. LCHF is about satiety. Diets are pure drudgery. LCHF is fun. Dieting is tasteless. LCHF is delicious. Diets can leave us feeling tired and worn out. LCHF is all about energy. Diets create nutrient deficiencies. LCHF is nourishing. Diets breed failure. LCHF makes success easy. Diets normally see the weight come back. LCHF is for life.

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