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The Fat Revolution

This well-researched book will revolutionise the way we look at food and health. Thanks Christine, for bringing some common sense to the table. Bill Statham, Bestselling Author, The Chemical Maze

I really enjoyed this book. Christine has done a great job condensing the mass of literature about our (bad) dietary advice and explaining where it came from and how we got things so terribly wrong. Beautifully written and illustrated, it is highly readable even when tackling the more complex nutritional issues. Christine’s positive energy comes across in her writing and what a role model she is for the wisdom she shares with us. If you want to understand how we made two thirds of our fellow humans fat and sick—this is one of the best places to start! Zoe Harcombe B.A., M.A. (Cantab), Bestselling Author, The Obesity Epidemic: What caused it? How can we stop it?

Christine Cronau has done a bang-up job of explaining what’s wrong with the anti-fat hysteria that has driven dietary recommendations for the past 40 years. After reading this easy-to-grasp book on nutrition science, you’ll understand why low-fat diets are worse than useless: in addition to being tasteless, low-fat diets can make you fat and sick. Tom Naughton, Health Writer and Comedian, writer and director of Fat Head: You’ve been fed a load of bologna!

To understand what you eat when it comes to fats, you have to understand what the human body requires, how it functions. If you are putting things in that are harder to break down, harder to digest, the result is weight gain and obesity. The majority of people do not know how to eat properly, from your highest corporate high-roller to your general mum and dad. The world has been saturated with advertising from big companies, but it does not mean they are looking after the welfare of the human race. Be very cautious what diet you follow. Be very careful that you are not guided by the diet world, because it is very dangerous, especially if you have underlying conditions. The Fat Revolution is an important book that will change the way you think about food, fat and health. Clint Robinson, five-time Olympic champion

Christine reminds us that fats don’t actually make us fat—it’s the insulin our body produces in response to consuming sugars and refined carbohydrates that creates most of the problem. Chelsea Hunter, Editor Wellbeing magazine

Christine is living proof that what we eat is reflected in the way we look. Nadine Fisher, Tweed Daily News

In 2006, a landmark study on cardiovascular disease and high saturated fats failed to prove that a diet high in fat contributed to an increase in heart attack or stroke. This study was published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association. Despite this, and many other studies meticulously referenced in this book, doctors and nutritionists continue to perpetuate the myth that saturated fat is the cause of all our modern day health woes. Those practitioners willing to let go of dogma based on unsound theory will quickly see that the cause lies elsewhere, that the refined carbohydrate, high-sugar, low-fat diet  is contributing to our lifestyle diseases and making a generation of ‘low-fat junkies’ more obese than ever. Christine has done her research well and presents undeniable evidence which debunks the fat myth and provides a pathway to robust health and wellbeing for her readers. Dr Karen Coates, M.D., MB BS Dip Obs RACOG, Nutritional Practitioner, and Best-selling Author, Embracing the Warrior: An Essential Guide for Women

Christine’s uncommon good sense about the health benefits of fat deserves a wide audience. Read, eat, digest, and enjoy! Sarah J Buckley, M.D., Bestselling Author, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: A Doctor’s Guide to Natural Childbirth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices

The Fat Revolution challenges many ingrained assumptions about health and more importantly gives readers positive and practical advice to improve their quality of life. Peter Holsman, M.D., N.D, General Practitioner and Naturopath

Saturated fat is the type of fat that dominates in animal food such as eggs, cream, meat and cheese and it is also abundant in palm oil and coconut oil. Today, too much saturated fat is considered as dangerous to our arteries as are the greasy food leftovers destined for the sewer of our kitchen sink, but where is the evidence? The truth is that there is none. The truth is that the warnings against saturated fat are based upon data which has been manipulated. Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD

Once again, Christine has written an excellent factual health manual that is contemporary and accurate. She dispels the myths surrounding fat and cholesterol usage that have erroneously circulated within society for the past 40 years. Her book serves to highlight how both our food chain and food choices have been gravely influenced by organizations more interested in marketing a product or a drug that serves no purpose to overall human health. Using compelling scientific research together with a good understanding of the evolution of diet and the human race, Christine has successfully brought to light the importance of eating healthy fats in the diet as part of a health, wellness, anti-aging and longevity programme. Kim Balson N.D. (Hons), Naturopath, Hormone Consultant, Best-selling Author, Woman to Woman: Managing Your Hormones safely and Naturally

It is refreshing to read Christine’s sound and unbiased assessment of fat and how it has been unfairly demonised for decades. Christine presents many insightful examples and writes in an easy-to-understand way. Christine does not shy away from the arguments, brick walls and the well entrenched beliefs about health, diet and well being. Instead, she rationally and logically highlights the faulty premise of many of these assertions and carefully counteracts them. This is an exciting time for us all where we are observing first-hand the creation of a paradigm shift. Christine needs to be congratulated in her role in speaking out—her quote from Winston Churchill, about not running away from the truth, is particularly apt. Sarah Spencer-Matthews, PhD

A compelling and compulsory read for everyone interested in real health and real food! Beautifully written, thoroughly researched and myth busting! Christine has a natural gift for discerning and articulating evidence. Not just a companion to her first book, but a comprehensive and holistic investigation into what really makes us healthy and how to apply changes in our life. Thanks to Christine, we can all welcome genuine health and decant taste back into our lives. Carolyn Summers, R.N., Registered Nurse, mother of two.

There is no one perfect way to eat, however there most certainly are foods that reduce the health of all and many of these have a cloud of misconception covering their shady reality. Christine dispels the myths and confusion with clear facts, presented in an easy-to-read language. She has done the research for you and has no hidden agenda. No matter how hard science may try, Mother Nature still comes up trumps. Julie Phillips B.A.R.M, Dip Shiatsu & Oriental Medicine, Cert. Whole Food Medicine, Kinesiology, Dynamic Healing, Training Cert IV, et al

Christine has done it again! A great, easy to read book that helps shed light on how our diets and food choices are a major contributor to the generally poor health of our society. Considering the information presented in this book will oppose a lot of what people believe to be truth, Christine has done a wonderful job of explaining it in a manner that most will cope with. A wonderfully enlightening book to help you begin seriously questioning what it means to be eating well and looking after yourself. Sandi Cooper, N.D. BHSC Nat, ATMA, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist

At last, someone has recognised that the demons in our diet are not cholesterol and animal fats, but processed vegetable fats, grains and sugars and the large corporations that benefit from the diet industry. Christine Cronau has pulled together a vast body of scientific evidence to back up her particular take on this issue as well as providing some compelling anecdotal evidence and great ideas for revolutionising our diet and lifestyle. Julia Bruce, Book Editor

Christine’s book makes so much sense and it’s such a natural way to eat. It’s a great health program and also a good way to lose that bit of extra weight without having to really do anything! No more calorie or points calculations, you can eat practically anything you want, how amazing is that?!! Even my doctor has commented on how much better I look, not just with the six kilo weight loss, but my skin is glowing and fresh. If you’ve tried every diet there is and always felt ‘starved’, then read this book; it may well change your life. Linda Mitchell de Barrios, mother of two

I would like to thank you for this book. I am SO friggin’ sick of starving myself and ending up brain dead just to try and lose a few pounds. Laura Hartmann, Consultant.

We will be recommending The Fat Revolution to all our family and friends. We believe this book is an ideal starting point for people that may be blissfully unaware of how unhealthy their current lifestyle really is. It gives good quality information that is written in a way that laypersons can understand, but at the same time, it points the reader in the right direction if they do wish to further explore the evidence presented. The evidence is so compelling and logical that it would be difficult for people NOT to join the revolution!! Well done Christine, you’ve nailed it!! Kirby, Aircraft Technician, father of two

I have just finished reading The Fat Revolution and I LOVE it! There is so much information and all possible questions have been answered. I can’t wait to start my nutrition units this semester with your book under my arm! Jo Atkinson, Mother of three, Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) student, Endeavour College of Natural Health

Extremely well written! Excellent correlation of thoroughly researched data, simply put and very easy-to-read and understand. I know so many of my clients who will want to buy this book; I will be highly recommending it to everyone! Terri Batsakis, Certified Master Trainer

Christine’s Fat Revolution is simply amazing! I read the entire book in one sitting, as I just couldn’t take myself away! It is so well argued and articulated so that anyone can understand it! In my opinion, this book has the potential to change, or at least strongly rock the boat, of the mainstream medical and health industries, which have a lot to answer for. I urge anyone who wants to dramatically improve their health and life, struggling with weight, or who is just sick of dieting to read this book. Honest to God, it is one of the greatest gifts you will give yourself (and hopefully someone else). Lisa Drake, Political Science and Education student (University of Melbourne)

If like me, when you read Christine’s work you feel a recognition of truth deep within your being, then read on and enjoy a new healthy relationship with your food. This information will bring you back to a way of eating that is harmonious for you and harmonious for the planet too. Melinda Adams, Spiritual and Energy Consultant

The Fat Revolution is something you should read if you care about your health. Christine makes losing weight and staying healthy sound enjoyable! In the book, Christine quotes scientific studies to back up her theories, but it is written in a way that everyone can understand. She made me excited about changing my lifestyle, knowing I won’t feel like I’m missing out. She also makes catering for children sound simple—without the processed rubbish. The Fat Revolution is a fantastic follow-on from Great health is a piece of cake. As Christine advocates: we all need to go back to basics! Lauren Veldman, Personal Assistant

The Fat Revolution is a fantastic read; it goes into the science of what and why we should be eating fat and Christine uses herself as an example of great health. She is the perfect example of why eating fat does not make you fat. She explains the reasons why so many people in today’s society are not only overweight but also unhealthy. Sarah Zammit, mother of two

I absolutely loved reading The Fat Revolution and I praise Christine for sharing her knowledge and educating mothers (like myself) on the benefits of healthy fats for children. I cried reading the chapter on Healthy Children as I used to think I was doing the ‘right’ thing by limiting all fats and giving cereals with skim milk, sandwiches and pasta (carbohydrates) to my children as their main source of nutrients. I must admit, when they refused their meat and vegetables but devoured their pasta, I would think ‘well at least they have carbohydrates for energy to grow’. I wouldn’t have known the importance of healthy fats in my family’s diet had I not read Christine’s book and I am so grateful that she has shared her knowledge and helped make a difference. I now  provide healthy natural food to my children and avoid packaged snacks (especially those that have a tick printed on the box) and other processed carbohydrates. As Oprah once said ‘When you know better, you do better’ and that quote certainly applies to me after reading this book. Now I know the truth about healthy fats, I can provide my family and myself with a far healthier diet. Thanks Christine. Kim Beveridge, Mum of three and Franchise Owner

I have always taken great pleasure in cooking good food. However, it wasn’t until I came across Christine’s books that I came to understand how different foods affect my health and body. I now look at fat in an entirely different way. I get such great satisfaction from the food I’m eating, and no longer feel deprived of sugar and grains. I have no need to snack between meals, because the high quality fat and grass-fed, organic protein keeps me full for much longer. I believe I couldn’t be making any better decisions about my health. If only someone had told me years ago to get off the low fat bandwagon—at least I have the right information now, thanks to Christine! Mardi Ramsay, Mother of two

I’m just blown away by the myths being blown apart by Christine’s findings. She has explained it so clearly, succinctly and powerfully that I just raved to my husband and family about the fat fallacy and the dangers of sugar and cholesterol-lowering medication. I’m so excited about the positive benefits of Christine’s Fat Revolution that I have thrown out the margarine and will be replacing it with butter as of tomorrow! Christine, thank you for giving me the facts, for blowing apart the myths and for giving me hope for a healthier, happier future for me and my family! I will be urging everyone to get it and join the revolution! Melpomene Selemidis, teacher, writer, fitness leader, and mother

Great Health is a Piece of Cake

“Christine’s easy tasty recipes and comprehensive information is a must for anyone wanting to be healthy, lose weight, look great, and live with vitality”

“This was a fascinating read. I love cooking & found Christine’s approach absolutely intriguing and striking. I’ve already started putting some of it into practice!”

“Christine is the epitome of health and wellness!”

“Finally a cookbook with easy, full flavoured recipes that are sugar-free and authentically nutritious; that my kids love!!!!”

Finally a cook book with simple messages on real healthy eating that is not only going to keep you well, full of vitality, looking great and assist with weight loss but also open your eyes to how we really should be fuelling our bodies and why. Christine’s simple range of healthy meals, desserts and snacks and her informative easy-to-read and understand information is a great start for anyone wanting to turn their eating around and start living a cleaner healthier life. I am so excited to have some great logical information at hand and from this I can build my own recipes and create my ideal healthy body.”

As a Naturopath, I have recommended many healthy eating books to clients over the years but this is one book you can trust to provide healthy and delicious recipes that everyone in the family will love and benefit from as well.”

Christine’s sumptuous recipes will nurture your body and tantalise your taste buds.”

This book is a wonderful summary of many dietary truths that are often misunderstood by the average person. Written in an easy to read format, it introduces these concepts in such a way that even the most modest beginner can understand. Recognising the great pleasure that food is to most people, Christine offers healthy alternatives to your favourite foods, without the hidden nasties. With recipes that are quick to make and contain simple, nutritious ingredients this is definitely a book to have on hand.”

A visual feast of wholesome recipes, accompanied by inspiring quotes and logical research that has stood the test of time. Nature holds the wisdom of health.”

Any book about food that is inviting, educational and fun to use has my approval — Christine has done fantastic work in her careful preparation. Australia leads the way in the western word for obesity epidemic. Eating for pleasure rather than sustenance has become a primary tool in producing morbid obesity.  A recent study in a prestigious medical journal explained a clear connection between visceral fat (the dense fat found surrounding intra-abdominal organs) not only is unsightly but also is dangerous to our health. The study revealed this type of fat is linked to the development of metabolic syndrome, to cardiovascular disease and to premature death.*  I congratulate Christine on her work in promoting a better and tasty way to eat while improving healthy outcomes at the same time.”

I was given this book as I was beginning a strict eating plan for myself, so I’ve found it very valuable. This book pulls no punches and covers all the important stuff. The meals are appetizing & inspired with easy to follow directions; who would‘ve thought sugar-free desserts could be so delicious! Reading this book is a great way to kick start good eating habits – for the whole family, and I’ll be encouraging my kids to use these recipes too.”

Christine has created a cookbook that demonstrates you can cook a nutritious meal quickly & simply, with very little preparation, using minimal ingredients. This is great news for all the busy people who believe they ‘don’t have time to cook’.  Congratulations Christine for producing an easy read, common sense book that shares the benefits of eating ‘real’ food.”

“I simply love it!”

Christine is the epitome of health and wellness! Not only does she practice what she preaches, she always offers advice and support to anyone else wanting to eat healthier and live better.  This book has great information about what “real” food is, and how processed food is affecting our health.  I love being able to make healthy food for my family and the dessert/sweets recipes for special occasions.  I would recommend this book to anyone with kids to show them that you can make healthy food that is quick and easy, and that kids will eat!

I have been raving about this cook book to everyone, every chance I get! Finally a cookbook with easy, full flavoured recipes that are sugar-free, authentically nutritious and nourishing for the soul; that my kids love!!!! This cookbook not only provided me with much wanted recipes, it also fed my need to learn. Christine’s depth of knowledge and wisdom about food is extensive. A very user friendly, wise, and delicious addition to everyone’s kitchen.”

I loved this cookbook!  It’s wonderful to find such a straightforward sensible guide to healthy eating.  The recipes I’ve tried so far are easy and taste great and the advice is easy to understand.  A great investment for a busy family.”

Christine’s dedication to creating beautiful, simple, healthy meals is inspiring and refreshing. The recipes in this cookbook care for our family, in that the recipes are not just different ingredients thrown in together, instead the recipes are thoughtful and delicious in their combination of foods that nourish the whole body. I know that when I cook from Christine’s cookbook, the whole family will be delighted by the different textures, gorgeous natural flavours and amazing taste! The ice-cream cake has become our new ‘family birthday cake’, even for our middle-of-winter birthday, it is just so delicious!

Christine has come up with a system that if followed, will enhance one’s life on many levels.  The benefits will be experienced physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.  Spiritually in that your sensitivities will not be deadened by poor eating habits, and thus your conscious connection will be strengthened to your more subtle (spiritual) layers of self.”