Look 10 to 15 Years Younger

Easy Healthy MealsSugar is the number one ager.  It creates inflammation in the body, which dramatically impacts the collagen in our skin.  This doesn’t just affect our face, but our entire body.  Often the biggest indicator of a woman’s age is her body, because her skin starts to sag, her breasts start to droop (yes, this is preventable), and the saddle bags appear under the arms.  Often women have plastic surgery on their faces in an effort to stay younger, but their body will give them away every time.

The second biggest ager is refined carbohydrates, and too many carbohydrates.  Carbs are a natural part of our diet, but we are on carb overload these days.  Carbohydrates are turned into sugars by the body, so too many carbs is often just as damaging as sugar; bread in particular.  We were designed to eat carbs in the form of vegetables and the occasional grain.

The third big ager is reducing or eliminating fat from your diet.  Vegetarians often have much deeper lines in their face, and the lack of fat in the diet is the problem.  If you are vegetarian, then eat plenty of butter and coconut oil to replace the animal fats.  Most people would be shocked to learn that fat is an essential nutrient; something we have been eating for thousands of years before it became taboo in the 1950s.  Soon people will realise what a big mistake they made by encouraging everyone to reduce their fat.  Having said that, fats are not all created equal; only the natural fats are healthy.  Avoid vegetable oils, canola oils, and any kind of spread or margarine.  Vegetable oils are highly processed, and super heated, which means they are already full of free-radicals before you even open the bottle.  Spreads and margarines are full of trans-fats; by far the worst kind of fat.  Eat butter, coconut oil, and cold-pressed (unrefined) oils like olive oil.

Easy Healthy MealsAnd, all of the above will cause weight gain, which also ages us.  Fat cannot make you fat.  It is physiologically impossible.  Cattle are fattened, not with fatty foods, but with low-fat grain.  That is because the only food that can put fat on your body is something that produces insulin.  The only food that produces insulin is a carbohydrate; sugar and grains.  Any good biochemistry textbook will describe this process, so it is no secret.  Yet, most people are completely unaware of this fact.

I walked into a gym the other day, and they must have had some sort of function, and they had a spread of juice, whole grain bread, low-fat spreads, and low-fat milk.  No wonder people are having trouble with weight gain.  I know most people think that is healthy, but everything on the table was a recipe for weight-gain.  Once people have the right information, which is very hard to come by these days, the weight just falls off.  We have had many people letting us know through the website that they have had effortless weight loss.  One person lost 13 kilos in 3 weeks, without doing any exercise.

The Fat Revolution and The Fat Revolution Cookbook have loads of information and recipes that can stop and even reverse the ageing process.  At 41, most people are shocked when they first discover my age.  By the way, my photos have been processed for colour, but have not been photo-edited, so what you see is what you get.

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