Improve health for diabetics

We have had a lot of feedback through the website, with all kinds of positive results, but my favourite would have to be a young girl, who was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, with dangerously high insulin levels, who was able to reduce them to a completely normal level within just 6 weeks.

Her mother wrote this beautiful testimonial:

Most mums feel that to ‘treat’ their kids they should give them a donut or a cup cake and of course kids love that sugary food too. But what I know from Christine is that whilst it might feel like you’re treating them, you’re really harming them in so many ways and it’s so important to have alternative treats that are actually good for them and that promote healthy lifestyle choices.  Recently, my 8 year old daughter’s insulin levels were dangerously high. She’s an active kid with what I felt was a generally healthy diet.  The results told a different story – her insulin levels were as high as 11 and the doctor was quite concerned she was on the borderline of acquiring childhood diabetes.   We spent a rigorous 6 weeks implementing Christine’s have your cake and eat it principles – watching what she ate and made treats out of unconventional ‘treat’ foods like fruit!  Now she’s a bit slimmer, reports having more energy for her many sports she plays and the most exciting news is her insulin levels are back to a healthy 4.5.  Thanks Christine for your wonderful book and the invaluable advice that all families should be exposed to when they first have kids.  We are so glad books like yours exist to inform us and guide us along the way. Michelle – mum of three

Easy Healthy MealsAnd, it can be done without missing out on those beautiful sweet foods.  The Fat Revolution Cookbook has healthy alternatives to just about any type of food, including chocolate, ice-cream, custard, chocolate mousse, cake, and more.


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