Eliminate thrush, candida, and other yeast infections

Easy Healthy MealsYeast is a problem for many people.  Topical treatments for yeast issues like thrush, athletes’ foot, jock itch, etc. only treat the external symptoms.   For many people, they are chronic conditions.  Thrush and other yeast related conditions are accepted as a normal these days.  They aren’t.  They are an indication that yeast and other bad bacteria in the gut have multiplied out of control.  Yeast feeds on sugar and poor quality carbohydrates like white bread and pasta.  To eliminate these issues, the yeast must be killed internally.   Yeast tends to thrive on a Western style, high carbohydrate diet.

The breakdown and decay process is largely due to yeast, bacteria, parasites, and fungi living off the body.  In a healthy person, Candida albicans, other strains of yeast, and fungi exist in balance with normal intestinal flora or bacteria.  Healthy flora are necessary for digestion, assimilation of nutrition, and the prevention of infection…Candida yeast can increase rapidly and overtake the normal, beneficial gut bacteria.  This is largely due to the Western world’s overuse of antibiotics, the side effects of birth control pills, and our dependence on starch-and sugar-laden diets.  The gut flora becomes imbalanced and the yeast is allowed to proliferate out of control.  Caroline Sutherland,  The Body Knows How to Stay Young

Many people think yeast is a women’s issue, but men are just as susceptible to Candida.  When yeasts, fungi, parasites, or bacteria are present in the body, its immune system and natural defences become compromised.  The body eventually breaks down and is overtaken by the organisms within it…It is interesting to note that almost all major diseases—from cancer to AIDS, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Alzheimer’s disease—have Candida albicans as part of their symptom profiles.  One look at advertising will let you know that the prevalence of Candida albicans has grown to epidemic proportions.  Note all the television commercials for products targeting toenail fungus, psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, rectal itching, vaginal yeast infections, bladder frequency, or even memory function…Topical skin preparations are only a temporary solution, as Candida needs to be eradicated internally…Sugary things, including starch and alcohol, feed the yeast.  Caroline Sutherland, The Body Knows How to Stay Young

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