Boost energy and heal chronic and adrenal fatigue

As you probably know, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue at the age of 30, after living, what I thought was a healthy lifestyle. I was a vegetarian, eating a low-fat, whole grain, carb-rich diet. I discovered that it was actually my diet making me sick, which was very frustrating. I worked really hard at being ‘healthy’, and those who took no care with their health were healthier than I was. I was lucky enough to find a savvy nutritionist who pointed me in the right direction.

Easy Healthy MealsI was shocked by what I discovered, and I did take quite a bit of convincing, but once I knew about it, I knew the information was right. It just made complete sense. And, results speak louder than words.  At 30, I was completely exhausted, running on an empty tank of fuel, trying to work, and be a wife and mother.  At 40, I am now a second-dan black belt in Rhee Tae Kwon Do, and fitter and healthier than I have ever been.  And, my fitness doesn’t take much work. I burn fat and build muscle much easier than most people, so it requires little effort to get amazing results.

My nutritionist often told me a story of an olympic athlete he also treated. I won’t mention names because I don’t have permissions, but he is a well-known Australian athlete.  He was a country boy, who grew up on steak and eggs.  He won his first medal when he was very young, and was immediately sponsored by some well-known food companies. He was also taken on by famous coaches etc. He was told that if he didn’t change his diet, he would die of a heart attack.  He changed his diet, and eventually, his performance started to decline.  He became fatigued (in fact, he had the same blood results I did when I was at my worst).

Apparently, it took a really long time to convince him that his diet needed to change, after all, he was being advised by the best in the business. Eventually, he was convinced, and he started to recover. He recovered so remarkably, that he competed in many more olympic games after that.

It has become my passion to share the information that helped me live a happy and energetic life, one that is full of wellness, instead of health issues. And, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Most recipes in The Fat Revolution Cookbook can be prepared in 10 or 20 minutes; faster than buying take-out.


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