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Bring Back the Fat

We’ve been told a low-fat, whole-grain based diet would keep us slim and healthy. Dieting, deprivation and hunger have become the norm, especially for women. Most women start dieting around age 14, and spend a life-time eating tasteless, boring food, being listless and tired, feeling flat and cranky, and missing out on the good things in life—all in the name of the seemingly unattainable perfect weight.

We were told wrong! Dieting makes us fat! Good news! There is a secret to easy, sustainable weight loss —in this book!



The Fat Revolution

Discover the story behind the biggest scam of the 21st century. The Fat Revolution is a fascinating and controversial disclosure, debunking ‘conventional wisdom’ about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and diet. An invaluable look into what makes us fat and the real cause of heart disease.

Available in print or as an ebook.

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LCHFThe Fat Revolution Cookbook is the perfect companion for The Fat Revolution. Christine turns conventional ‘wisdom’ upside down, with her fascinating facts. Find out what does make us fat and the simple solution. Never before have we had permission to indulge in our favourite foods—without adding to our waistline.  A truly remarkable cookbook, which readers describe as intriguing, inspiring, refreshing and life-changing.

Available in print or as an ebook. Read more and look inside…


PHCOVERRegulating pH—The Real Story

Ever heard that meat, cheese, and eggs are acid forming? Find out the real story!

And, having trouble losing weight? This book is for you!

Balancing  pH is one of the most important things we can do for our health. In fact, it is so important that an imbalance of pH is generally the underlying cause of all degenerative disease. Read more…


GALLBLADDERCOVERYour Gallbladder is NOT diseased 

Think too much fat causes gallstones? Think again. Find out why, in fact, low-fat diets cause gallstones.

It has become common place for gallbladders to be removed, and in most cases, for absolutely no reason at all. Our gallbladders are not a non-functional part of our anatomy. We have them because they serve a very important purpose. Read more…


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