12 week program

Why the 12 week program?

12weekflyer_christine_websiteOn average, over 90% of diets and weight loss programs fail! Either there is no weight loss, or the extra weight comes back, usually plus interest.

On average, around 50% of women (in particular) who try LCHF (low carb, high fat) fail to lose weight. And of those who are successful, a percentage will stall at some point. Not because LCHF doesn’t work, but usually because they don’t have all the information they need.

Here are just a few examples of what can hold people back.

Firstly, to achieve sustainable, long-term weight loss, we need to burn fat for energy. Many people who start LCHF never drop into a fat burning state. This program is designed to not only achieve fat burning, but to set you up as a fat burner for life.

Secondly, the biggest hurdle is definitely insulin. Most people are now insulin resistant, and this is simply because most of us have grown up on a carbohydrate-rich diet. We don’t have to be diabetic or pre-diabetic to be insulin resistant. In fact, almost 95% of our patients have had raised serum insulin.

Weight loss is almost impossible while insulin is still up. Insulin is our fat storage hormone! While LCHF will often improve insulin, unless it is done in a very specific way, it is not enough to normalise insulin. We have had many patients who have come to us because they have been LCHF long term, even one to two years, and never lost weight. Every single one still had elevated insulin. This is the only program that is designed specifically to bring serum insulin back into normal range.

The third most common reason people fail to lose weight is because of starvation stress. After years of dieting, our thyroid slows, our metabolism slows, and we start protecting our fat! It’s a survival strategy. And what happens if we go back to normal eating when in this state? It is likely we won’t lose and we could even gain temporarily. Healing starvation stress is essential for weight loss and this program is designed to do just that.

This program is successful because the focus is on healing the body. Weight loss then becomes a very welcome bonus.

12 week online program

The online program steps you through the weight-loss process step by step with weekly emails and motivational videos (basically what you would get with 12 weekly consultations with Christine). The program tells you what to expect at each stage of your journey, with weekly meal plans and shopping lists to make things easier. Direct email support from Christine (limited time only).

Payment plans available on request, enquire here.

Health fund rebate available with Medibank Private if recommended by a doctor (complete this form) and with the right level of cover.

About the online program

What you get:

  • Shopping lists.
  • Weekly meal plans.
  • Detailed weight loss plan and instructions.
  • Weight loss progress trackers.
  • Community group. Support, comfort, advice, encouragement and motivation for everyone doing the program.
  • Weekly motivational videos from Christine.
  • Weekly emails with detailed instructions, designed to be exactly what you would receive in a weekly consult with Christine.
  • Direct email support from Christine herself! This will not always be available but we will certainly offer it as long as we can! If you are signing up now, you will have email support from Christine.
Order Online program 12 week program @ $395.00

Note: You will receive your welcome email within 12 hours, which will show you how to get started. If it doesn’t arrive, please check junk mail.

What people are saying about the program

Kerry (week 4)

“End of 4 weeks and I am 5 kg down and 23 cm thinner.  “

Lauren (week 5)

“At the end of week 5, I am down 4.1 kg! I didn’t think this would ever be possible for me again because of my insulin resistance. When I was diagnosed I saw a fancy endocrinologist professor and he told me that if I dieted and exercised properly for 6 months I could lose as much as 5 kg. Thank you Christine for sharing the truth and helping ‘hopeless cases’ like me!”

Emily (week 5)

“After trying what seems like a million diets and failing every single time I am so excited that I’m one month into this program and have lost 5.6 kg and 48 cm total off my measurements! This is on top of having PCOS which normally makes it extremely difficult for me to lose anything.

I honestly can’t believe that this works so well, here’s to the next month! 

Renae (week 5)

“I wondered about posting progress, and remembered that I initially told you all that I was doing this with my 17 year old son and thought maybe you may like to hear…

“He has blown me away and is absolutely loving (as am I) this woe… he is doing his VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) and is finding it’s simplicity so complimentary as he isn’t craving all the time….his focus is better, he is getting better quality sleep and waking earlier, raring to go…..

“We are at end of week 5…..
He has lost 6.8 kg, I have lost 8.4 kg and 8 cm off chest alone……..

“If anyone wondering about giving it a go….just do it……and trust your kids will instinctively know and feel the benefits of this….”

Katherine (week 6)

“Today is measure day. Day 28. I have lost 30 cm with most of it being a big 13.5 cm coming off my waist. Followed by my hips at 6.5 cm. So pleased my stomach and waist area are are coming along nicely. I’ve lost a whole ruler!!
No idea about the kgs I didn’t weigh as I didn’t want it be the focus.”

Joanne (week 7)

“I went to the doctor today. My blood pressure was 117/83. Prior to this it has been 150 or 140 something over 101 or similar. Yes! She doesn’t want me off my blood pressure meds just yet but it won’t be long. Need to go back every few weeks to monitor it so that if it goes too low I can come off it. Happy! She was thrilled to hear I’ve lost 11.2 kg and thinks this way of eating is wonderful. She suggested it to me “off the record” at end of last year and is so pleased with my results [Joanne started the program in January]. She told me today that it is still such a taboo thing in the medical profession and Drs are getting sued over suggesting it but she can’t in good conscience recommend to someone what the profession wants her to recommend when she knows the opposite is what works!”

Lauren (week 12)

“12 weeks done and dusted! Today is my last day of the 12 week plan and I feel great. My weight is down, I’m wearing smaller clothes, I saw my doctor yesterday to get a referral for a blood test and he commented on how much brighter and happier I seemed than usual. For the first time I what seems like forever, food isn’t in control of me; I don’t plan when or where I’m going out based on what food I can justify eating while I’m there. LCHF has changed everything, and I’m so grateful I took a chance on it! I still have a long way to go to being a healthy weight (around 22 kg more I think) but I now at least have faith that I will get there, after years of fighting my insulin and getting bigger and bigger. Can’t wait to see my blood results!”

Emily (week 12)

“Today was my final day of the 12 week program (but definitely not my final day of this lifestyle!). I have lost 15.5 kg and 79 cm (!!!!) off my body! I’m also down 3 sizes in my jeans & my engagement ring won’t stay on my finger!

I’m so grateful for this program and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 12 weeks 🙂”

Meegan (week 12)

“Yesterday was my last day of the 12 week program and this morning was weigh in and measurements. In the 12 weeks I have lost 10 kg and a total of 52 cm from my body! Whilst I think we always wish for faster results, when I sit back and think of how far I have come health wise and how easy I have found following the program – I am thrilled! Now back to Day 1 again.”

Many people also stay on the program even after the 12 weeks is finished and continue with amazing results…

Joanne (4 months after program)

“For the first time ever I can fit my arms all the way around my husband!!! And my fingers overlap! He’s lost just over 52 kg and I’ve lost just over 27 kg and counting. LCHF for life.”

Lee (husband mentioned above) 8 months after program

“I was a sceptic once because of continued failure on diets. But I told Jo that I would commit to this for a year and see how it went. It’s for life now.”

Lee’s weight loss is now 100 kg (220 lb)!!


“Hello my name is Trinity, my WHY for joining the LCHF 12 week program was simply, “I was tired of feeling tired, I was sick of dieting and something had to change.”

“The change had to be ME.

“…I’m now 14 weeks into my new life, I still have a way to go. I look back and IT WAS WORTH IT. It WAS hard, I won’t lie to you. But DONT give up. For the first time in my life I truly believe this is what my body needs. It reacts so well, my skin, hair, waistline is responding. I feel nourished. I’m not hungry, and I feel happy.”


“I started on LCHF by joining the 12 week program.  My main goal in doing so was to regain my health by my 50th Birthday next year.  This decision was the best one I have made in years.

“My health history is that I had been suffering greatly from fatigue and strong body pain, I had been told that I had a fatty liver, was suffering from indigestion and bloating. I was also having emotional issues where I was often very angry and depressed for no reason…

“The results I have had have been more beneficial to me than anything else I have ever tried and I am a lifetime convert.”

Order Online program 12 week program @ $395.00

Note: You will receive your welcome email within 12 hours, which will show you how to get started. If it doesn’t arrive, please check junk mail.

Common questions

Order Online program 12 week program @ $395.00

Note: You will receive your welcome email within 12 hours, which will show you how to get started. If it doesn’t arrive, please check junk mail.

Terms and conditions

Please ensure the 12 week program is right for you. No refund/cancellation. Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances.