12 week program with a Nutritionist

Caitlin and Christine

Caitlin and Christine

Weight loss and health programs offer personalised assistance, working one-on-one with our LCHF Nutritionist, Caitlin. Consultations are eligible for rebates with health funds.


  1. Weekly consultations with Caitlin
  2. Meal plans
  3. Example shopping lists
  4. Blood tests
  5. Complete health analysis (based on blood results)

Who would benefit?

Programs are perfect if:

  • You started LCHF but are not losing weight (or are gaining weight)
  • Your weight loss is stalled
  • You have a health condition you would like help with
  • You would like to be mentored and have one-on-one support

How does a personalised program help?

Most people who have their complete blood work done are surprised by the results; what has been holding them back often becomes immediately apparent. For example, most people who have done programs so far have had extremely elevated insulin.

Elevated insulin indicates insulin resistance or pre-diabetes. It is a blood marker that is often NOT tested by doctors, so most people are completely unaware when their insulin is elevated. While many doctors test blood glucose, people can have completely normal blood sugar but elevated insulin levels.

Elevated insulin prevents weight loss in most people. In addition, it is responsible for many other health complications, and if left untreated, leads to type II diabetes, heart disease and other conditions.

The great news is that insulin resistance is very easily treated with the right advice.

To find out more, please contact us through the contact form.

Note: Because programs are individualised, spaces are limited.